The Adventure Begins.

Hola! Welcome to my blog, I hope 2019 shall bring us love, luck and success.
To everybody reading this ; this is my first blog post and I hope you all will like it and share it amongst your friends.
Let’s see what can be done with this New Year and try our best to make it the best year of our life. These are few things I’m going to work on personally, let me know in the comments what are you planning to do. I’d love to go through your plans.


So lately, I’ve developed a new habit that I didn’t think I’d ever do. I started bullet journalling recently and trust me you guys it has changed me a lot and I feel bit more relaxed these days, also I don’t need to stress my brain out for the schedule.
I preplan my month-week-day. It’s been quite a while since I have started and it feels great to do everything with a plan. You should give it a try too this year.

Also I was a night owl back in time. But lately, I’ve started getting up early and I also realised that I do more things throughout the day. I also have a lot of ‘Me Time’ in the morning, which I spend by just sitting ideal. That’s makes me so happyy!!
I am the person who likes to just lie down in bed and think of new ideas. Some people might find it funny, but I plan my day in the sleep itself. After getting up, the first thing I do is write that plan.


Recently, I turned 21 and learnt a lot of things which I am very grateful for. I show my gratitude with this blog post and also at the same time I have understood what does maturity exactly mean.

Maturity is when you understand that new year is not going to change your life. Yeah that’s a bitter truth because you always have to work for your dream.
Just by making new year resolution, things will not fall into place. As I say “Good Things Take Time”. You need to keep your goals in mind and constantly remind yourself about it.

Definitely we have 365 days left in our hand but it doesn’t mean you’ll stretch your goal that far. You should always try to achieve your goal as soon as possible or at least in your desired time.
So this year let’s not only just make resolutions and plans but also work for it.


Success won’t fly to you if you just make excuses but actually come when you start making some moves in your life. That’s what I meant in the earlier point as well, you just don’t have to set targets but you rather have to stick to it and achieve it in the given time that you have targeted yourself with. You don’t need to tell your goal to anybody and everybody but just be honest with yourself. It’s that’s simple.

We always give excuses to others and even that’s not fine. But when you start making an excuse to your inner self you definitely loose that spark. And that’s not doing at all. Sometimes our body and mind both are tired but not always. You should get up strong and get going.

All the content is original and mine. (Vaibhavi Mirkute) The picture credits goes to Pinterest.

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