When To Blog And Should One Blog? Day 9 of #younameit βœ¨

Hi guys! Welcome back to the Day 9 of #younameit series ❀️

So in today’s blog, I want to through light on whether blogging is really good and some common questions related to the same. A lot of times I get asked when to start blogging and if one should start blogging?

The answer to this question can’t just be a ‘yes’ or a ‘no’. In this blog post, I will tell you a few things which might help you understand better whether blogging is something you should be looking up to and when.

First things first.

Other social media platforms have replaced blogging these days. You see people scrolling on Instagram more often than reading a blog. Also, people tend to watch YouTube videos on the go more often. Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter have more downloads and engagement as compared to blogs. I shared this sort of fact because I want you to know whether you can stand out on a platform like this.

You should also know how to post and how many blogs to publish. Posting too much can also have a negative impact on your readers/followers. Especially when you are new. You need to keep these things in mind before starting your own blog.

Also, don’t be too stressed about your blogging routine. It’s okay if you don’t post blog some days and don’t put up content for your readers/followers. In the initial days, I took so much stress about the blogging routine which I created, that after two months I stopped posting completely.
I have written a blog dedicated to the same and how I came back to normal and started writing again, you can read that here That Was Daunting For me.

If you are starting a blog just because someone else has a blog and you think it’s cool, don’t do it. If you really start like that you might have a bit of an uphill battle.

But if you really want to start a blog and be creative at the same time and give out as much as information to others, I would suggest you to start writing right now.

The main aim of starting my blog was to spread positivity among my readers and making the most out of this platform.

Given the fact that not many of my readers don’t have a WordPress account and I don’t want to pressurise someone to open one for me.

I wanted the blog to be accessible to anybody and everybody. And when I see the insights it makes me feel happy seeing where my readers come from. It gives me immense happiness. The insights actually makes me want to write more.

If you feel and think similarly, go ahead and start your blog on WordPress right now.

I hope you all will like this series and you keep coming back every single day to have a read. You can give me any suggestions you have on my Instagram @vxibhxvi

See you tomorrow. ❀️

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Brand Collaborations Simplified. Day 8 of #younameit βœ¨

Hi guys! Welcome back to the Day 8 of #younameit series ❀️

By the way before jumping into the blog I have to give a quick disclaimer. This topic was highly requested by my fellow content creators because they were really curious to know how I manage to get so many collaborations.

I have been personally replying most of them over the DM on Instagram but I thought why not make a dedicated blog post about the same. Now diving right into the blog. Enjoy!

You need to figure out why do you want to collaborate with brands in the first place. If your answer is as obvious as getting free products, don’t do it. Yes you heard me correctly don’t do it just for the sake of getting products. If you genuinely think you are capable enough well to brand expectations, go ahead and get a deal.

A lot of times people know which brand they want to collaborate with but they don’t know how to reach out to brands. If you are someone who has the same dilemma, this blog is the right place to get information about it.

When I started I also had no clue what to do and how to reach out to a brand that would give me a collaboration opportunity. I learnt it all by myself slowly and gradually but what I do now is mentioned below.

I take out good amount of time and go through a brand’s official Instagram handle and see if my vibes matches with them. Because for me it is really important to see how the brand started, the kind of ingredients they use, people they have worked with in the past etc.

I will take my own sweet time and when I am satisfied enough, I will write down their names separately.

After I have gathered around 10 to 15 brands that didn’t fail to impress me, I will go ahead and start mailing them. Not a DM. I don’t prefer work related communication over the DM personally. But later if the brand shifts to the DM, I am okay with it. The reason why I mail and not put a DM is because I feel it should seem professional. Sliding into a brand’s DM can be little desperate act of working with them, I believe. But you can totally DM them if you want. I will leave the option on you, that’s completely your call.

After you mail them, the possibilities of of getting a reply is as good as a no. But if your mail stands out and brands feel that you are the right choice, they will surely revert back ok and tell you about the campaign.

Basically there is no rocket science to get a brand deal but the way you present yourself becomes really important. Also, please start initiating first if you are a beginner. If nobody is already asking you for a collaboration, it’s okay to reach out to a brand first. There is no shame in asking for work.

Also, let me know if you want it a dedicated blog on ‘How To Build Relationship With Brands?’

I hope you all will like this series and you keep coming back every single day to have a read. You can give me any suggestions you have on my Instagram @vxibhxvi

See you tomorrow. ❀️

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Thanks A Bunch. Day 7 of #younameit βœ¨

Hi guys! Welcome back to the Day 7 of #younameit series ❀️

I am very much independent when it comes to work but I lose my senses when I fall sick. I don’t know what happens but I feel completely weak. Then I become dependent on others.

In this blog post I am going to be sharing two incidents where I felt completely helpless and my friends came to my rescue. Actually I’m going to talk about them. Some of you might think why am I writing it on my blog but this is just my way of saying thank you.


I still remember correctly when I was in 6th grade away from my home for the first time I fell sick in August 2010. I was in Raigad and it was raining heavily so it became little tough for my parents to come and see me at hostel. She was my bed partner at that time and she took care of me like a mother for around 2 to 3 days. This might seem less to some of you but trust me it meant the world to me at that point even today as I think of it. I still remember that my mother called me on the hostel landline and I was unable to go and attend the call. Shruti picked me up and took me to the phone so that I could talk to my mother.
Nobody did this for me till date.

She would bring everything for me in my bed including tea, breakfast, lunch, dinner and medicines. I will not forget how helpless I felt at that moment and how she helped me with everything till my mother came and took me home. I don’t even know whether she still remember this but I clearly do. And I would never forget what she has done for me in my life. I never said this but I owe her a big time now. (Shruti if you’re reading this, thanks for being my mother like personality then) ❀️


Let me put it out really quick and at the start, he’s an ass. He has troubled me in the past and still never fails to troll me at any given time. But what he has done for me is what makes me write about him in this blog post.

This incident is very recent and I remember everything clearly. It was 14th February 2020, Friday. And as per my schedule I was in Thane for my lectures. And I felt sick. Actually when I went to the class I was all fit and fine but I do know what happened suddenly, I got high temperature.

I got really scared and couldn’t think of anything but I managed to call one of my friends from Thane and he dropped me to Thane station. 
But the main problem was to get into a local train (even the first class in Mumbai are flooded with people). I called Siddhesh and luckily for me he went for his football matches to Andheri and got his train from Dadar. I convinced him to get down at Thane and take me home with him. I really didn’t want to tell my mother because she would have been worried about me then. I don’t know how but I relied on Siddesh completely.

He met at Thane station and I started crying, as silly as it sounds. I cried because a) I was missing my mother, b) I knew I was in a safer hands now. We got the train. He managed to get me a seat and then drop me home after we reached town. He is a complete irritating person but whatever he has done for me that day will never be forgotten at all. A big thank you to the person I hate (for no reason or maybe because he hates me) but thanks dude! If you’re reading.

This blog was basically a thank you note to both of them for being there with me when my parents weren’t around and of course to let y’all know about it. The first person I would want to see every time I am sick is my mother of course! But anyway a big fat thank you to both of them for being there. ❀️

I hope you all will like this series and you keep coming back every single day to have a read. You can give me any suggestions you have on my Instagram @vxibhxvi

See you tomorrow. ❀️

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Healthy Lifestyle : Busting Myths. Day 6 of #younameit βœ¨

Hi guys! Welcome back to the Day 6 of #younameit series ❀️

When I started this blog series I had no clue whether I wanted to let people also come and share their tips and tricks. Today’s post is little bit different from what I usually do.

Recently I spoke to a friend of mine, Reetika who is from Kolkata. She studied engineering and worked as a software engineer for a couple of years. And has just completed her MBA in HR this year.

She got interested in health around 8 years ago when she had some serious body image issue. Her father is a doctor, so with his help she got into the depth of how our body and mind works, what actually is the function of food and it helped her improve her relationship with food. After that she have never ever looked back (which I absolutely love about her). And her relationship with food and her body has only seen an upward rise.

In this blog she’ll be talking about what a healthy lifestyle entails, share a few tips to start out, break a few myths and make healthy fun!

Disclaimer : She is not a professional nutritionist or trainer but just talking from her personal experiences. And we thought it would be great if we share it with you guys as well.

Healthy isn’t only green – Contrary to popular belief, a person who consumes only green isn’t consuming a healthy balanced diet!
Everything in moderation, that’s the mantra. Fruits, vegetable, carbs and even sugars. They are all essential for the proper functioning of the body.

No food is ‘bad’ food and nothing is a toxin – Stop fearing food, especially carbs. Carbs are as important as protein and never shy away from eating carbs. Eat to your stomach is full, but do steer clear from overeating. A quick tip for that is to drink a glass of water 10mins before any meal, that tells you exactly hungry you are.

All workouts may not work for everyone – A particular workout may show results for a majority of people’s but don’t feel disheartened if it doesn’t for you. Everybody’s body and needs are different, so you do you.

Spot fat reduction is nothing, at max you can do is tone an area.

Get over the idea of a cheat day – treat yourself everyday.

Make healthy choices – It’s okay to eat a pastry or crisps sometimes but not always. Craving something sweet, pick a fruit. Want something cheesy, have some hummus instead. Avoid added refined sugar as much as you can, but never cut out any food group completely from your diet. Make healty choices especially when it comes to snacking – choose carrot sticks instead of crisps, makhanas (Foxnuts) over wafers.

Stay active – Choose the kinda workout that you like. It can be Walking, Jogging, Yoga, Pilates, Cardio! Keep yourself active and moving, especially with the sedentary lifestyle we lead nowadays.

It’s always 80-20 with workout and food – I have learnt from my personal experience that the diet changes that you follow make the bigger impact, as compared to working out.

Start small and remain consistent – Don’t expect monumental changes in days. Make choices that are sustainable and easy for you because let’s be honest, you’ll always end up choosing the more convenient way in the long run. Make sure the changes you make are sustainable and they are lifestyle changes.

Be patient with yourself – It’s fine to give yourself rest, it’s okay to cut yourself some slack. The important thing is you should be loving the lifestyle changes that you make. Never expect results in a jiffy, give yourself and your body time to adapt and you will eventually see the results.

Hope you had fun reading this. Do let me know what you thought, so what we can learn from each other.

This is her btw, Reetika Dasgupta ❀️

I’m also linking her Instagram (she creates amazing lifestyle related content) Reetika Dasgupta’s Instagram 🌸

She also has a YouTube channel. Go subscribe. Reetika’s YouTube 🌸

I hope you all will like this series and you keep coming back every single day to have a read. You can give me any suggestions you have on my Instagram @vxibhxvi

See you tomorrow. ❀️

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Dear V. Day 5 of #younameit βœ¨

Hi guys! Welcome back to the Day 5 of #younameit series ❀️

In this blog post I am going to share a letter that I wrote to myself when I was young. While cleaning the cupboard I found this out and I am really surprised by the fact that I was so mature back then.
I still remember the day when I got beaten up by a sir for not paying attention in the class. Me and my friend Siddhi were continuously talking and I couldn’t answer to a question that my sir asked me.

I am going to type it just how I got it, it has a little bit of grammatical errors. But I just wanted to put it out just the way it is. I didn’t make any sort of changes in it because I want you guys to see the raw version of it.

I was meaning to post a picture of it but my handwriting sucks. So I better type it and show you guys what I wrote. Also, I am loving how I am calling myself V. I find it really cute. ❀️

Dear future V,

I want you to smile when you read this letter in future. Today’s day was super bad because Gaikar sir (our Social Studies sir) beat you. You did wrong and it is your fault. Why didn’t you pay attention in the period? (Lecture) Don’t do this ever again. You are an intelligent kid and I don’t want V to be beaten in future.

You cried so much today. But you know you look like a tomato when you cry. Nikhil and Vinit calls you a tomato only. How cute na!! I think that I look like Geet from Jab We Met. What an amazing movie and what an amazing acting. Just like you. You do the same drama. Today was a sad day na. Learn definition of a Sea Arch (because sir was teaching us that and I didn’t pay attention).

I don’t want V to forget the definition ever (then I literally added the definition of Sea Arch in the letter ο˜…). You are such a strong girl and stay away from mumma and still are happy then why you cry after beating from sir?

V is number 1. Everyone loves V. Mumma loves V. Papa loves V. Veena loves V.  Upadhaye ma’am loves V. Patil loves V. Sawant sir loves V. Then don’t care about beating.

Look at the good side how many people love you. Be happy because last Sunday is near and mummy will bring chocolates. Say sorry to Gaikar  sir tomorrow and learn the definition. Happy Vaibhavi is the best Vaibhavi. I love you.

21st July 2010.

Did you read that? The innocence that the letter has. Oh my God! After I read it I got really emotional and felt that the little Vaibhavi was really mature enough to accept the reality and her mistakes. I also like the fact that I always liked the happy version of me. I am always giggling and cheering people up around me.

My diary was my best friend back then. I used to write every single thing in it and wouldn’t share it with anybody else. When I sat down and read everything from hostel, all the memories flashed right in front of my eyes as if it has happened just yesterday.

I hope you all will like this series and you keep coming back every single day to have a read. You can give me any suggestions you have on my Instagram @vxibhxvi

See you tomorrow. ❀️

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Am I Validated Enough? Day 4 of #younameit βœ¨

Hi guys! Welcome back to the Day 4 of #younameit series ❀️

We all got flaws in us. But that doesn’t mean we will always try to cover it up. There is so much negativity and internet bullying happening on the internet every day.

With this post, I am not only telling you to be okay with other people’s flaws but also to be comfortable on your own. It’s completely fine to be lacking in something. But what’s not okay is when you don’t take efforts to make it better. Working on it and hiding it are two completely different things.

One example that I wanted to add on is that, I have noticed over the past few years that people usually do makeup not because they have to bring out the most beautiful side but to gain some confidence and get validation from people. I don’t know what’s wrong but there’s something everybody is really trying to hide from the world. You constantly don’t need to get validated from others. Be the real version of yourself and you should be good to go. Also, I have written a related blog post specially dedicated to ‘Validation from people’ in case you want to read it, here is the link What’s Holding Us Back?

I tried a lot of things on Instagram, some worked for me really well and some did not. I always made sure that my followers/supporters get the importance they deserved but I never really gave them the authority to validate me.

I recently started talking about skincare and products on my Instagram (which I had absolutely no plans of). But I genuinely like that type of content and I enjoyed seeing it on the internet. And I thought about giving it a shot.
I always thought that this line of work is only for established bloggers/creators and that is the reason I never really thought about it. Also, one fear that I always had was nobody would want to see my content. Because I was not the best at it.

But now that I have started and if at any point of time I feel like giving up, I always end up thinking about why I started. And that makes me work even harder towards achieving my goal. This didn’t happen instantly/drastically but I got the maturity with time.
I don’t think deeply about what people have to say and I also don’t pay much attention to getting validation. Flawed or Flawless I’m really happy being me.

I hope you all will like this series and you keep coming back every single day to have a read. You can give me any suggestions you have on my Instagram @vxibhxvi

See you tomorrow. ❀️

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When You’re Low. Day 3 of #younameit βœ¨

Hi guys! Welcome back to the Day 3 of #younameit series ❀️

During this lockdown period, we all have felt low on somedays or the other. I felt like sharing 3 things that I actually do I feel low sometimes. Just not during the lockdown but even in general. If this is something that you’re looking for, keep on reading.


Recently I have been hooked to watching sunsets. I used to go to the terrace quite often to click pictures for Instagram and would watch the sunset later.
Later on, I realise that watching sunsets really makes me happy and the different colours of the sky every single day don’t fail to mesmerize me at all.
We feel low sometimes because of the Corona anxiety attacks that we get. The best getaway I feel out of this Corona anxiety attack is to go and watch the sunset or just the sky for that matter.


You know that a lot of people are committing suicide because of mental illness. There are actually three types of suicides which I am not going to get deep into right now. (Let me know if you want a detailed blog about Suicides and their solutions). But studies have proven that if you ever feel low you should talk to someone and you will feel better. If you feel that the people who know you will judge you I’ll suggest you can rather talk to people who are strangers to you.


This is a contradictory statement to the last point. I know the fact that the last point was about talking to someone if you feel low but yes there are few people out there who prefer not talking to anybody when they are low. And that is the reason I have included this very point after the second point which was completely opposite of that one. Sometimes I prefer not talking to anyone when I am under pressure which makes me low. I feel that talking to someone about the same issue will piss me off. And so I choose to not talk to anyone and take my own time out scrolling on social media, watching YouTube videos and the best option during the lockdown Sleeping.

I hope you all will like this series and you keep coming back every single day to have a read. You can give me any suggestions you have on my Instagram @vxibhxvi

See you tomorrow. ❀️

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How To Be Productive. Day 2 of #younameit βœ¨

Hi guys! Welcome back to the Day 2 of #younameit series ❀️

The pandemic was totally unexpected. Everything is shut down and everyone is either working from home or not working at all. Our country is under the lockdown from March 20th and other things happening now and then.

I know being productive is a real struggle and if you are someone who wants to be productive in this situation as well, you should read the blog ahead.


I was one of those who used to check my phone instantly after I wake up. But since the time I stopped doing it, I saw a noticeable change in myself and I saw my days changing. I get out of my bed as soon as I wake up and then have my tea which refreshes me a lot (you can have coffee or hot water, whatever suits you). After which I plan my day ahead and talk about it with my best friend. Talking to him makes me really happy and then I get to work. 


In order to be productive, you need to study. It might be boring for a lot of you but you can also learn something on YouTube or read something online if you dislike physical books. Studying or working will keep your brain functioning and you won’t sit idle doing nothing. Some people will call me an idiot after reading this point but trust me keeping yourself busy even during the lockdown is really important.
I am a digital content creator and I am always in the lookout for good opportunities and I am studying the trends all the time. It need not be just physically attending any classes but you can definitely do some activities.


Recently we had an amazing zoom session with the psychiatrist wherein we discussed a lot about anxiety and depression during this hard time. The best way to keep stress away is meditation. If you do this every day, the chances of you getting an anxiety attack will reduce. Also, don’t forget to play a little bit every single day. (It can as simple as playing ludo with your friends online).


Last but definitely not the least, use my planner collection in order to stay productive. If you don’t know what I am talking about click here July Productivity Planners. 🧑 and check out the planners that I designed for FREE. You can download it on your phones/laptops and get them printed. I am sure that these planners will help you be a little bit more productive than usual.

I hope you guys would’ve liked my blog and found it helpful. If you did please feel free to share it with your friends and family. Also, tell me the type of blogs you would want to read in the near future. I’ll see you next time, Byee!

I hope you all will like this series and you keep coming back every single day to have a read. You can give me any suggestions you have on my Instagram @vxibhxvi

See you tomorrow. ❀️

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30 Days Blog Series. #younameit βœ¨

Hi guys! Welcome back to my blog. I hope you all are safe at home and taking necessary precautions in the times of covid-19 pandemic.

I posted my July Productivity Planners yesterday and just thought of doing something different on my blog for the first time. I hope my readers will appreciate that too. ❀️

I have seen so many bloggers do the series. Some of them do a weekly series but I am not sure whether someone has done a month-long series on their blog. But keeping that aside let me give you little details about the very own 30 days series at Life and Leisure.

By now you know that I am going to share a blog post every single day till the month ends.
The language of these blogs is going to be super basic so that it’s understandable to anybody and everybody. Also, you can share it with your near and dear ones for a read. You can easily share the links on your social media platforms as well.

I am so excited to be doing this finally and I still can’t believe that I am typing the first blog post of my first ever series. I don’t know what to call it but one of my friend suggested ‘blogsoon’ as I I am going to be posting throughout the month and it’s monsoon.

But I wanted to name it something that relates to the series and has a meaning, so I decided to name something unique like “YOUNAMEIT”. The reason behind #younameit is that I wanted to take people’s opinion/problems into consideration and wanted to cater something that they would want to read.

I have a lot of different categories on which I write my blogs, I have no particular niche when it comes to writing. As so in this series you will find blogs like ‘How to be consistent’ ‘How to cope up with the heartbreak’ ‘How to be productive’ ‘How to give importance to your mental health’ etc.
If that is something you want to keep on reading please don’t forget to come up here every single day.
The links to my blogs will be mentioned on Facebook, Instagram, and What’s App (for my close ones).

I hope you all will like this series and you keep coming back every single day to have a read. You can give me any suggestions you have on my Instagram @vxibhxvi

See you tomorrow. ❀️

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Achievement. 🌸

July Productivity Planners. πŸ§‘

Oh hey! It’s July already and how can I not share my July month’s planners with you guys! let me take a moment and thank all of you for appreciating the planners and downloading it every single month.
It makes me really happy seeing the insides and knowing how many people are downloading the planners. Now without blabbering much let me take you through this month’s planners.

β€’ Monthly Calendar – July (designed by Siddesh)

β€’ Monthly Planner Template (designed by Siddesh)

β€’ Month At A Glance Template (designed by Siddesh)

β€’ Weekly Planner Template (designed by Vaibhavi)

β€’ Daily Planner Template (designed by Siddesh)

β€’ Habit Tracker (designed by Siddesh)

I hope that you will find these helpful. Do not forget to tag me on Instagram @vxibhxvi if you happen to use these planners. Feel free to share it with people because it’s FREE!

I hope you’ll love the planning process from now on. All the credits to this goes to Vaibhavi Mirkute and Siddesh Mengade. ❀️

All the content is original and mine. (Vaibhavi Mirkute) Much love πŸ™‚

Achievement. 🌸

Let’s Make June Productive. πŸ’™

It’s been a long time since I uploaded something. Some of you might already know that me and my friend Siddesh have launched our own ‘free printable planners’.

And I am glad that I got to collaborate with him. He is supremely talented as you can tell.

This blog is about June’s planning printables. If you haven’t checked the launching blog yet, check it out here Cheers To Productive April. 🌸

This planner collection has 6 different printables. The weekly planner is designed by me (Vaibhavi)
Here are the ones for June.

β€’ Monthly Calendar – June (designed by Siddesh)

β€’ Monthly Planner Template (designed by Siddesh)

β€’ Month At A Glance Template (designed by Siddesh)

β€’ Weekly Planner Template (designed by Vaibhavi)

β€’ Daily Planner Template (designed by Siddesh)

β€’ Habit Tracker (designed by Siddesh)

Use them and don’t forget to tag me on Instagram if you happen to use these planners.

I hope that you guys liked it and I am sure that you will enjoy using it as well.

I hope you’ll love the planning process from now on. All the credits to this goes to Vaibhavi Mirkute and Siddesh Mengade. ❀️

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Things I Learnt During The Lockdown.

Hey guys!
Welcome back to my blog, I hope you have read my recent blogs as well. If not please read them after you finish reading this one. They will be mentioned below.
In this blog post I am going to talk about things that I learnt during the lockdown. I really hope that it helps you in some way or the other.


This particular point does not mean how blessed I am in terms of materialistic things but in regard to my grandparents. As a child I absolutely had no clue why grandparents were so so important. But I spoke to a lot of my friends during lockdown and 90% of them don’t have grandparents. I didn’t know about this to be honest. I stay with my Aai (grandmother) and we spend a lot of time talking, playing cards and trying new recipes.
I have seen my three great grandparents too. And now I genuinely know what it feels like to be around our grandparents and just having them in our lives. Not just because they love and care for me but also because they are precious. ❀️


How can I not stress enough on this particular point. I enrolled for an online course with Emac Computers. I actually didn’t want to waste my time during the lockdown and also I’m always up for learning new skills. Although I knew about the class early but I didn’t get a chance to get myself enrolled because of the hectic schedule. But thanks to the lockdown, that it lead me to Emac Computers. They’ve started their online courses and Emac is absolutely amazing at it.
The staff particularly is very corporative, friendly and is well educated about the computer language.

Disclaimer : This is up on my blog because I thought that it’s a nice initiative and learning computer skills is the need of an hour.

They offer courses such as,

2. TallyERP (with GST)
3. Advance Excel

You can also know more about the courses via contacting their official number : 9130553928

The fee structure is pretty decent and worth every single rupee you pay. You can check their website here Emac Computers to know more about them.
Get yourself enrolled for a course and get certified before the lockdown completely ends.

You can check them out at other social media platforms,
Instagram @emaccomputers03
Facebook Emac Computers Facebook
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Things I’m Grateful For From May.

Hi guys!
Welcome back to my blog. I wanted to start this series every month where I discuss things I’m grateful for from the previous month. But I just posted one blog Things I’m Grateful For From January after which I completely gave up on that. But again I feel like I should post it this month. I honestly believe that we should be grateful to some or the other things in life.

These are my thoughts, if you wanna know what things I’m grateful for then please keep on reading.


The pandemic has really shown me who are the people that genuinely care for me and I care about. I know that everybody was going through a lot and this wasn’t the time to examine but stand together. Still somewhere I feel that I dumped a few people who didn’t choose to take efforts for me and even I felt the same about them.


I am really grateful that I got to stay at home for this long. I really don’t remember a time when I was at home for these many days/months. From past 4 years I am always working every single day. I used to take lectures even on Sundays (not complaining about it though, I love my work). There has not been a single day I was relieved and vacation was not in the dictionary for the longest time. I remember having quick getaways to Pune and Lonavala once or twice.


I am genuinely grateful and honestly blessed because I get my meals every single day. It’s heartbreaking to see how many people are starving and risking their lives in this hard situation. Also, I have seen so many people help each other during this tough time, which makes me realise that humanity is still left.

On that positive note I would like to end my blog right here. Let’s hope for the best and try to get out of this situation by STAYING IN for some more days/months.

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Recently, I’ve been overthinking quite a lot about everything in general. I thought why not write a poem about it. Do like and give your valuable feedback.

Little demon, little demons in my head,
Weren’t letting me out of my bed.

Overthinking is the worst of all things,
For sure, no good shall it bring.

It loves us so much that it will always stay,
People might think our problems are too clichΓ©.

It is nothing but just some brain’s dirt,
Little did I know overthinking about everything would get me so hurt.

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Achievement. 🌸

Cheers To Productive April. πŸƒ

You guys know how much I love being productive. And so, I have come up with templates that will help you be productive as well. Not just me, this project is in collaboration with Siddhesh (Siddesh’s Instagram)
We had so much fun creating this for you guys. I hope you enjoy using them as much as we did while creating them for you.
It would mean so much to me if you download it and use it to complete your daily chores. The best thing about the project is that IT’S ABSOLUTELY FREE. Yes, you read it right, these are free printables. We wanted it to be free so that each and everybody reading this blog can download it. Do not forget to tag me (Vaibhavi’s Instagram) and Siddesh when you use it. Be happy. Stay positive. Stay productive.

So we have made a big collection of planner printable templates. Here is a list of printables that we have to offer.

β€’ Monthly Calendar – April (designed by Siddesh)
β€’ Monthly Planner Template (designed by Siddesh)
β€’ Month At A Glance Template (designed by Siddesh)
β€’ Weekly Planner Template (designed by Vaibhavi)
β€’ Daily Planner Template (designed by Siddesh)
β€’ Habit Tracker (designed by Siddesh)

Here is the PDF of the Weekly Planner completely designed by me. And I’m really glad about the fact that it covers everything for a week.

You can see the rest of the templates on Siddesh’s blog.

Here is an image of the above mentioned Weekly Planner.

Here is an image that will help you understand how to use the weekly planner.

This is just an example. Real planning can differ from person to person.

I hope you’ll love the planning process from now on. All the credits to this goes to Vaibhavi Mirkute and Siddesh Mengade. ❀️

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That Was Daunting For Me.

In this blog post I am trying to be very honest with you guys. This is something that I would never prefer talking about. But right now I am at that point where I don’t mind talking this on the blog.

Putting out content was really important for me. And I would usually stress if I had nothing to post. Soon after watching some videos on the internet, I thought to myself that it’s ok to not post. I was very much stressing on the blogging routine that I created for myself. But then that became a problem for me. As I said writing just comes to you, you cannot just sit and think of specific topics and write something about it. You need to be calm and relaxed and you should have your own opinion about it. Rather than getting unnecessary stuff that my audience does not like, it’s always better to take my time and come up with something that I genuinely enjoy writing.
And also which people appreciate and read to love.

Basically people stick to me for my own thoughts and not for something that I don’t feel by myself. Vaibhavi’s blog is all about being positive and real. My blogs generally go out in a very raw format. I try to use as simple language as possible so that every person reading this blog can understand it.

The pressure was getting over my head and that’s when I decided I will take my time. It’s OKAY to take your time, it’s OKAY to be confused, it’s OKAY to feel YOU when you need to. And I am not complaining about it but I am just letting you know that what happens when you decide what you want. This was not the pressure that came from my audience or my readers but from myself. If you are a content creator and reading this blog right now I would like to tell you that it’s OKAY to take a break from what you’re doing (Just to come up with content in future).

Sometimes the pressure really gets on your nerves and that’s when you should know you have to stop. Realising when to stop is also a very good sign of how well you can deal with your work.

So basically, please don’t stress out because of your work. Take a break whenever you need to. Understand the reason behind your stress and work towards getting things done in a right way. It’s a complete process which you need to trust. Eventually things are going to fall into place.

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This blog post has to be very special to me because I’m sharing few writeups that have extremely touched my heart. My friend Pratik Sontakke writes amazing quotes in Hindi.
I would always prefer reading one liners in English but when I read him I became a fan.

His work is so intense. He calls himself an ‘Adhoora’ in Hindi which literally means incomplete. He can write about anything and everything that he feels. The best thing about his writing is that he writes what he feels. I have never seen any of his posts written randomly. He pours his complete feelings in the writings which makes me read more and more. He is relatable and writes sensibly.

Below are few of his writings that I edited it in my way because I wanted it to be atheistic. (Vaibhavi being Vaibhavi)

This has so much of meaning on its own.

We complain so much about our lives. Let’s just be grateful for everything.


We’re so much tired of the life we live.

Running short on words for this one.

This has to be my favourite. He wrote this for his crush back when he was in college. This is so cute.

You can find him on Instagram – Pratik’s Instagram. 🌸

All the content is original and mine. (Vaibhavi Mirkute) I’ve edited his quotes using Phonto (the editing app). Also, do share this post and show your love. Much love πŸ™‚



This is a poem collaboration with one of my yellow writer. Let me give a little bit of an idea about the context. The first one is written by a third person for/about the man who lost his loved one and the other part is basically the reply from the loved one herself.

The death of his beloved one left his heart broken
that no one could heal, a wound was sealed with
memories of her that no one could steal.

Her love was still his guide : as she was always on his side (accompanying).
As he gazed at her last sight; tears couldn’t hold,
they rushed through his eyes.

He know he’d miss her! At time for the rest of his lifetime. Death apart them but their souls were unites.

What last forever was his growing love. The damage was done as soon as she left the world.

What death takes can life never repay, a lesson
learned never to love someone this way.
Umer Khan

Even if i’m not here, I would love you the way I did
before. Our love was deep and we both were into
each other soaked, our bonds could never get

You should console yourself that i’m still here for
you, and it’s just a matter of days few.

I wished I could die first and you would live.The time should gurgle on, the morn should beam.

No matter how far we are, you’re always close
to my heart, not even death can separate us
Vaibhavi Mirkute

The picture credits goes to Omkar Khochare.

Follow him on Instagram, Omkar Khochare

Follow him on Facebook, Facebook page

All the content is original and mine. (Vaibhavi Mirkute) Also, do share this post and show your love. Much love πŸ™‚


To The Friends That Turned Into Family.

This blog is as random as my thoughts at 3:00 a.m. This one is specially for people who are very close to my heart. Life is all about moving on. Being happy with or without people by your side. But, these are the gems of my life I can’t really afford to lose.
As I never really express my feelings to them so I thought what better than this blog to show them how much I love them.

Just the other day, I heard someone say that friends are important. And I instantly felt happy about the fact that I’ve a shoulder to cry on.

Disclaimer :- I stopped talking to all of them for some time in life because of some unexpected reasons and then got back together even better. And that’s when I realized they mean a lot to me. (I love you guys)


This person has been with me since childhood, we have had some of the best memories one can have. We had a huge group from our area, out of which only we chose to stay together forever. Simply playing random games to sharing songs via Bluetooth to going for movies together to supporting each other in hard times (breakups maybe lol). We made it through dude. I still remember every single time when we behaved stupidly and got beaten so bad. Lol! There was a time when we stopped talking for a year yet when we got back together, we were back stronger. That break didn’t affect our friendship and that’s why it is so special. Our bonds just grew stronger and there’s no going back. I miss our childhood. And the conversation we used to have at my building’s gate.


Cheers to the only Sindhi friend I have (Bade log – Zindagi me ek Sindhi friend nai banaya to kya banaya). I’ve so much to be grateful for and being friends with her is one of it. She has been there since our Junior College and stuck by my side irrespective of my irritating behaviour. She’s humble and polite to everybody on this planet. But I feel very special with her. She gives out so much to others, this is the only quality that I love and hate about her at the same time. Well, thanks for just being there. We stopped talking when I got a drop from college. Actually I cut down on my friends and most of them left. That was the time when I realized who was mine. She’s still in the list guys, she stayed. ❀️
She has been there with me through thicks and thin (in literal sense). Cheers to the amazing time we had and food we get to taste at her place. We don’t share our secrets cause apparently she does that with only ‘Sindhi best friends’. But she has helped me a lot and continues to do that. If you’re reading this, simply a big THANK YOU!

3. REVA.

The person who always needs validation from people (God knows why) The person who cooks amazingly well and is best friends with other (which I’m jealous of). The person who I abuse a lot and love the most. She’s the only who I don’t butter and say horrendous things to (whether she likes it or not, but she’s my friend, she has to like it)
We met cause we had same subjects during our graduation and since then we got stuck in this beautiful friendship we share. Remember there was a time we stopped talking because of a stupid person (he was a dumbfuck) but came back stronger. One needs to feel the bond that we gal pal share. I know for sure that she’ll now yell at me for posting picture of her where she looks horrible (according to her). She’s needs to know this, looks actually don’t matter. I love her for what kind of a person she is.


The one who always motivates me. The person who never judges me. The person who I can talk random things to. The person who is there no matter what time it is. I started my blog again because of this person. (All thanks to you Mayank.) You have always encouraged me to be someone better every single day.
How we met is something I would never ever want to share on the internet. All thanks to our college canteen. It was a stupid canteen incident which I’m very sorry for. A simple sorry from my side was not enough for that incident. I had to irritate you for the rest of your life. He once even thought I lied to him about my name. We were so stupid when we met. He’s the only person on the face of this planet who thinks I’m mature. He’s the person who always take my side even though I do wrong. He has got a complete opposite personality then me. Everybody thinks we make a cute couple together, but only we know how insane it would be. The bond grew when we stopped talking and came back together with mutual understanding & efforts. I love being with him.

Sorry if I’ve missed out on anyone. I equally love all my friends. But these have a special place in my heart for some or the other reason.

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Just A Little Q&A.

Last year I wrote a post where my blog was nominated for the 2019 tag. I was just going through the post and I thought it would be nice if I answer the same questions that I asked the people whom I nominated.
In case you missed the blog before, here it is 2019 Tag for my Blog

Here are few questions and their answers as well.

1. What gives you an inspiration to write?

> I generally write about things that come to my mind randomly. I don’t remember a time when I sat and thought about something in particular. My mood also affects my writing, of course! Sometimes I do write small pieces and then I’m not able to complete it. I’ve so many incomplete pieces sitting in my notes. (I don’t even bother to complete them now)

2. Are you a spiritual person or you just believe in yourself?

> I would rather not answer this question right now. There’s no particular reason to it but I don’t have an answer. But I think it’s a mixture of both. I do believe in myself (for sure) but I also pray and have faith in the energy that’s around us.

3. What does ‘Karma’ mean to you?

> I strongly believe in Karma, and that is the reason I asked this question in the first place. The world is round and what we give is what we get.

4. Do you think communicating is the best way to solve a problem?

> Of course! I mean there’s no doubt in this one. I’ve seen a lot of relations go in vain cause there was no attempt for coming together. At least, a single conversation could have made it better but people have a lot of ego issues. A healthy conversation about anything and everything will get things into proper place. (But this is something that people don’t understand)

5. Where do you see yourself in the future?

> As of now, I’m only focusing on being a better person every single day. I don’t know what’s in my plate unless and until I go to the dinner table. I’m simply hoping for something best.

6. Any book you’d like to suggest?

> ‘Dairy of a Young Girl’ by Anne Frank.
‘The Story of My Life’ by Helen Keller.

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This is a poem based on something that happens quite often in our country. Yes I am talking about the problem of acid throwing on women in India. A movie named Chappak, is recently released and I thought what better day to post this poem than today.

Envy of my beautiful face, acid was thrown.
It haunts me thinking of the groans.

Ugliest person in the society – I was known.
Getting better at life, I shone.

Why me? I was shooked and blown.
Life became hell, but I got out of that zone.
Left behind things and ahead of everybody I flown.

Encouraging myself overall, I have grown.
Motivating women like me, seeds of positivity I have sown.

Envy of my beautiful face, acid was thrown.
Envy of my beautiful face, acid was thrown.

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The featured image is taken from Deepika’s Instagram.

Continue reading “Unstoppable.”

The Last Time We Were Together.

The last time we were together, you smiled and I blushed.

You spread your arms, to hug you I rushed.

Hugging you I skipped a beat.

In that moment, there was a heat.

I thought I would say those magical words and things will fall into place.

After all I knew it was just a phase.

Soon after I realised that it’s all over.

How stupid was I to be a hopeless lover.

You were far away and I was nether.

I simply miss the last time we were together.

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Where Have I been? πŸ€”

Okay! So I didn’t post for long now. But what better day than today?! I was highly procrastinating and went into a major writers block last year. Actually I was posting consistently and pretty decent content till the month of February or March I believe, but later on I gave up on the idea of writing.

A lot of my friends used to ask me when am I thinking to post something online, but I unfortunately didn’t have an answer to their question. I feel grateful enough that I thought of posting something straight out from my heart. I believe I would be posting regularly for you all to read something if my blog interests you. I genuinely feel sorry for last year and would definitely not repeat this again. One thing that I learnt out from blogging is never wait for good content. This is exactly what I am going to do this year. I will be posting things that I write, really doesn’t matter whether it’s a good content or it’s a bad content. I hope you all will like reading my blog and will keep on supporting me as you always have.

I am really sorry about the fact that this blog is nothing about positivity or umm what you are expecting. It’s just a piece that I thought I should put up in front of you.

All the content is original and mine. (Vaibhavi Mirkute) The picture credits goes to Pinterest. Also, do share this post and show your love. Much love πŸ™‚


What’s Holding Us Back?

I have absolutely zero clue how these months flew by so fast, but I’m super excited for the future nevertheless. I didn’t post anything for months now and I’m genuinely sorry about it.
But Hey! I’m back with a blog post that you can relate to. This happens with us most of the time.
We generally are driven to do something new everyday.
But there’s something holding us back each and every time we think of it. In this blog post we shall read about it.
Also, if you enjoy reading my posts, do let me know in the comment section.


We give a lot of importance to people who themselves don’t do anything of their own. Human being is a social animal that’s what we have heard from a long time and you also might be knowing that others create an impact on our lives.
I have noticed that we seek validation from people around us. Their approval really matters which ‘actually should not’.

I used to do it often, whenever anything came to my mind I usually would go to my friends and would get disapproved from them.
After which unnecessarily my self moral used to become very low and then I would be disappointed for no valid reason. I would feel I’m of no use even before it happens and I get failure.

I have heard everybody saying that I was damn good as a kid, actually not I was a smart kid but I didn’t use my smartness well in studies so whenever I came up with new ideas everybody definitely tried to demotivate me.

I have learnt that whenever somebody says “Don’t do it”, it actually means we really have a good scope in it.

And even if we don’t succeed, remember one mantra for sure. “FAILURE IS THE FIRST STEP TO SUCCESS”

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he wasn’t there,
for her birthday,
she went upstairs,
again to see him with an array
of emotions- love, longing and fear.
a spark of happiness in her eyes,
β€˜he’s here, finally!’
when she saw the light passing her by
she held back her tears- what an irony!
she sat there, all night,
and saw a single little kindle like a minute sun,
in the dark sky, looking at the star shine,
a warm feeling resided in the widow’s heart in that very moment.

Hi! I’m a wordsmith and a magician who can render rhymes that will leave you mesmerized.
Who am I?
My name is Anmol Sandhu and I
welcome you to my world of words created using the same 26 alphabets.

Also, he has some amazing work on his social accounts. Do check out.

Anmol’s Instagram 🌸

Anmol’s Blog 🌸

Don’t forget to shower your love and share this post. Much love :), Vaibhavi.

Achievement. 🌸

2019 Tag For My Blog, Thanks Petrel πŸŒΈ

So my regular posting routine is on Tuesdays and Saturdays. But today’s post is something different and I’m very happy about it. I have been reading about the ‘Tags’ post on the feed lately and would always wonder whether I’ll be able to do that.

And the best part is, I’m doing it in this post. I won’t take it just as a blog post but I would rather take it as an achievement for me.

My dear blogging friend Petrel from Dear Kitty. Some Blog has been so kind to nominate Life & Leisure for the 2019 tag.

Thank you so much for this friendly gesture!

Kitty’s rules for this tag are:

1) Thank the person who tagged you in your post.

2) Answer the questions that were asked.

3) List the rules in your post.

4) Tag some people and give them as many questions as you want to answer in their post [and notify them of having been tagged]

Kitty’s questions are:

1. Which film did you see, but wish in retrospect you had not bothered to see?

– Taare Zameen Par (it’s a Hindi movie)
I really wish I wouldn’t have seen hostel life before going to a hostel.


2. Which book haven’t you read yet, but would like to read?

– Diary of a Nobody, by George and Weedon Grossmith


3. If you would be invited to make a space journey, then to which solar system planet would you like to go?

– Jupiter, just curious to see the rings. Lol


4. To which country where you have not been yet would you like to go?

– I’ve genuinely not been abroad but I wish to go to NYC & LA.
Disclaimer : You can be kind enough to send me the air fare. 🀭


5. Who is your least favourite politician?

– I’d rather tell the most favourite, it’s Barack Obama.


6. If you could go back in history, to which person would you like to talk?

– Hitler for sure.


7. If WordPress would stop, would you continue to blog elsewhere?

– Yes, I would. Because I like writing and the platform really doesn’t matter as such.

My questions are :

1. What gives you inspiration to write?

2. Are you a spiritual person or you just believe in yourself?

3. What does ‘Karma’ mean to you?

4. Do you think communicating is the best way to solve a problem?

5. Where do you see yourself in the future?

6. Any book you’d like to suggest?

7. What do you think about Life & Leisure ?

My nominees are:

1. Abdul 🌸

2. Anjali 🌸

3. Bharat 🌸

4. Maya 🌸

5. Ramyani 🌸

6. Chiru 🌸

:- This tag is open to all other bloggers out there. Can’t mention every single blogger here but you all are amazing guys. You can just use these questions and make a blog post.

All the content is original and mine. (Vaibhavi Mirkute)

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Things That Break Productivity.

This year is all about being productive in our own ways. Whatever we do, we should come up with results. That’s when we can say we did something productive. You already went through what things we can do.
In this blog post, I’ll share 3 things that breaks our productive.

“Any fool can criticize, condemn, and complain but it takes character and self-control to be understanding and forgiving.”
– Dale Carnegie


You’re one of a gem – don’t ever forget that. Comparing yourself with someone will just boost your insecurities and nothing else.
It’s always better to be the best version of yourself. That’s so much easy and way more better than comparing yourself and changing too. Change is good but not when you try to copy somebody.

If you compare yourself to someone you will always feel the urge to be something different that you’re not. Unfortunately after a point you’ll no more be yourself and that’s when everything around will change. You will notice that you cannot do things as easily as the other person does because what’s easy for them might be tough for you and vise versa. You will think that you aren’t capable enough. But in this race, you actually forget that sky is the limit.
Sooner or later you’ll realize that you don’t like this version of you. You start loosing your real self.

“Why compare yourself to others? No one in the entire world can do a better job of being you than you.”



Always stay away from negative people. Why? Because they have problem to every solution.
These are generally the ones who would even criticize about a real diamond and question it. Whatever they get their hands on, they’ll find something or the other ways to prove it isn’t good for them.

Same happens at work place whatever environment they are in, they won’t survive. And not only they’ll leave but also critcise about how being there was so difficult for them.
It is always better to accept things that come to your way wholeheartedly. Unless and until you loose something, you’ll not love everything around you.

“Criticism is something we can avoid easily by saying nothing, doing nothing, and being nothing.”

– Aristotle


One thing we all must do is to stop complaining. We should always be grateful for whatever we have or have had in our life. Simply complaining about things will not make any difference or bring you joy. But you’ll soon turn into a person who complains about anything and everything.

One must give honest reviews for sure but not complain. Circumstances will never change if you just focus on bringing out the bad in people/things-but will make you a kind of person that nobody might not like. It is always better to accept things and work towards your goals.

Be grateful for what you have and stop complaining – it bores everybody else, does you no good, and doesn’t solve any problems.

Zig Ziglar

All the content is original and mine. (Vaibhavi Mirkute)

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Things I’m Grateful For From January.

Oh my God! It’s February fellas. It’s exactly been 1 whole month and a day that I started my blog this New Year. And if you haven’t checked it yet, here the link to my first blog post πŸ‘‡πŸ»

From this month I’m starting a new segment on the blog i.e Things I’m Grateful For From (last) Month and I’ll be sharing 3 or probably more things with you. I’m sure you might relate to that. And if you do please don’t waste time, pick up a pen and start jotting it down in your dairy. It is always important to have a gratitude page in your planner as well. No matter how far we go and what all we have, we should never forget where we started. And what all we learnt in our journey.
Without further a due let’s get into the post.


As I dived into 2019 I was really impressed by how my last year went. But within few days itself I wrote in my dairy that my parents are the only ones who actually are mine and care for me. I don’t want to comment anything on anybody specifically but I’ve realised that I’m my mother’s number one priority no matter what. She has supported me throughout everything that life threw at me.

I’d also like to add a short poem by Joanna Fuchs
Mom, you’re a wonderful mother,
So gentle, yet so strong.
The many ways you show you care
Always make me feel I belong.
You’re patient when I’m foolish;
You give guidance when I ask;
It seems you can do most anything;
You’re the master of every task.
You’re a dependable source of comfort;
You’re my cushion when I fall.
You help in times of trouble;
You support me whenever I call.
I love you more than you know;
You have my total respect.
If I had my choice of mothers,
You’d be the one I’d select!


Recently I got the privilege to meet a lot of different people from different backgrounds and trust me, all of them taught me ‘n’ number of things. I got an opportunity to work with some professionals from my field and they were amazing. I had to assist them in a project.

Oh my my! That day was a memorable one. All of them were so intelligent and were soaked in in their fields. But the one thing which was common about all of them was, they were all down to earth. I was able to meet some of the most amazing people in this world and I couldn’t be more thankful that they are in my life now.


With meeting new people I have also lost some in the month of January. And I’m very very grateful for subtracting those from my life. I have realised that cleaning negativity from your life is so important. Never be afraid of losing people, be afraid of losing yourself trying not to lose someone. I make sense to you, right?

I wanted to get rid of some people much earlier but that couldn’t happen. Thank God, an incident happened recently and I got an opportunity to push them aside. Like I cannot keep on pleasing everybody every time. Sorry bro! And trust me when people are walking from you, let them go. Nobody actually holds up your life. Life goes on, yes, it does get difficult sometimes but that’s completely okay. Just subtract unwanted people and it will be all worth it.

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Is Break Important?

Break is an important thing. Whether it is a relationship or work or even social media. Last year I was completely off everything, Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, Blog, Facebook and my account. Social media seemed to be the only thing my mind cared about. The thing with me is I give more then I take, maybe that’s why I might be giving a lot to time to social media. πŸ€” We live in an era where social media is so important that we actually forget ourselves.

I do agree with the fact that social media gives us hell lot of information and acts like a stress reliever too.
It has a lot of pros to it. But not to forget, with such great pros there comes cons as well.

(People on Social Media)

I think social media is more addictive then doing drugs. Subconsciously I was checking it every 5 minutes, I wasn’t even interested in who was posting. I just needed to check, as if I was addicted to scrolling through the internet. But sometimes to get something you must give up something. (Kuch pane ke liye kuch khona padta hai) I realized my worth in that period and set myself free. I still don’t have an Instagram or Twitter account as I don’t think it makes any difference. I also got rid of two of my mail accounts. I don’t get notifications anymore and I am not checking my phone half as much as before.

After this short break maybe you’ll understand- No one really remembers your birthday, nobody really takes an effort to compliment you for who you are, nobody is actually interested in the content you upload, the people that actually care for you and the people who just pretend to.
I don’t know whether I’m able to explain it to you right. There are a lot of things going on in my head but I’m running out of words to be honest. Not only this, but the fact that you only see the best of people’s lives via social media, it isn’t doing any good for us as a person.

It is wise to step back before the floor underneath falls out. Break is really important but if you take it only when YOUR MIND orders you to, I think that will be the right time to go through it. Because if you do something by your own it will definitely make a difference rather than people telling you to do so. After reading this blog post, do sit down and go through your phone and just see which app you actually don’t need. It will make a difference.

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70th Republic Day.

I feel honoured to be a part of such a wonderful country like India. I would like to share a few things about this auspicious day with this huge platform that I use to converse with you. I can’t get myself to stray away from my regular posting routine. And that’s why I decided to express some patriotism today as it is 26 January.

The information is taken via the Internet but the thoughts and feelings are definitely mine.

Why Republic Day?

Every year India celebrates republic day on 26 January. This day marks the birth of modern India. On January 26, 1950, the Constitution of India which is the longest constitution in the world was enacted and put into force for the largest democracy. Many leaders of India prepared the constitution after facing the tough task of taking into consideration the concerns of hundreds of ethnic communities, multiple castes, religious segments and tribes.

Significance of the day.

Though India became independent on 15 August 1947 the country didn’t have a permanent constitution and Government of India act 1935 was used back then. After few days of independence, that’s on 28 August 1947, the drafting committee was set up to create a new and permanent constitution and the same was headed by Dr Bhimrao Ambedkar. The constitution was adopted on 26 November 1949 and came into effect on 26 January 1950 for the whole nation. And that’s why Indians celebrate Republic day on January 26 and on this day India became independent republic country replacing the Government of India Act.

As per the Constitution of India, β€œIt declares India a sovereign, socialist, secular, democratic republic, assuring its citizens of justice, equality, and liberty, and endeavors to promote fraternity among them.” As the people adopt the Indian constitution, it can never be upturned by parliamentary supremacy. The day was also chosen as Republic day as on this day in 1930 Declaration of Indian independence that’s Purna Swaraj was proclaimed by Indian national congress.


(Flag hoisting at the Red Fort, Delhi)

(Republic Day Parade Air Show by Indian Air Fighters)

People celebrate this day by hoisting the National flag and many events are conducted in schools and other educational institutes. Many also watch the hoisting of tricolor by President of India at the India Gate and ceremonious parade a well. The main celebrations are held in the national capital at the Rajpath. The parades are performed as a tribute to India’s rich and diverse cultural heritage.

I feel really proud and blessed to be a part of this diversely rich country. Jai Hind.

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A Perfect Crime.

His eyes of radiance sparked a flame,

Whispers from the wind call his name,

Sitting on a chair with a lovely view,

There was nothing I would rather do.

He opened his shining eyes so wide,

“I love you too” smiling he replied,

Kissing his lips I showed my affection,

In that moment there was a connection.

Happily we committed the perfect crime,

But we were not getting caught this time,

The crime scene was left empty at we depart,

Stole a precious item.

Each other’s Heart.

All the content is original and mine. (Vaibhavi Mirkute)

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Tutions Taught Me. πŸ€”

I just love being myself and that’s what I exactly do in my tutions. Most of the time, I be with the children and become a child. Even though I’m an adult now, the kid in me will always be there. As a kid, I did a lot of tantrum and who said adults can’t? (Wing)
In the last post I shared about 5 jobs I did out of which, teaching is what I’m currently doing.
So now, in this blog post I’ll share what I actually learnt in tutions.


I was working for CBSE students. I had just started my teachings back then and was completely new to the world of teaching. Explaining your friends few hours before an exam and actually taking tuitions is a whole different thing.

I got an opportunity to teach Marathi Medium students last year. The very first thought that came to my mind was ‘I cannot do this, this is not my thing’ but my senior told me to take that opportunity as a challenge to prove myself. One thing I know for sure, it was hard for me to teach them but (here’s a but, listen!) I made it through. (Happiness)

One thing will always be remembered, the happiness that flew to me after that course.


Patience is not simply the ability to wait – it’s how we behave while we’re waiting.
– Joyce Meyer

As a teacher, I’ve already cleared the levels that my students are in currently. Teachers generally find it easy to teach but they do get frustrated when students don’t understand or they don’t try to cope up with the subject.

I put in a lot of efforts and my time for the students so if I don’t get expected results I become upset. Sometimes I don’t even talk to them for a week. I know I’m being kiddish here but that’s when they realize that it’s time for some real shit. (Clever me)
I genuinely don’t mind less marks but the thing is, if you’re bad at something – do it even more and try to improve.
As a teacher one must always be patient with the students. No matter how weak the child is. No matter how bad he/she has scored in the test. It is our responsibility to motivate them for the rest of the exams.

Also now that I get my salary once a month I understand how people usually run out of money even though they earn a lot.
You need to be patient for your own salary. And that makes me very impatient. (Rolled eyes)


As a human we always make some mistakes. Specially the children because most of the time they are new to everything. But mistakes are accepted especially when they’re made by the teachers. It is not that the teachers don’t make any but still it is expected that we must do tasks conciously.
You’re expected to keep your other thoughts at home and focus on the good for children.

Back in school, I knew that I loved the teacher who had wholesome knowledge of everything that she taught. In my class when a student asks me something I don’t know, I generally prefer not to say anything. I tell my students genuinely and ask for some time and answer them right. I should not manipulate the children in the first place.

As a teacher now, I’ve started preparing before the class. Just to make sure that I don’t end up making silly mistakes in front of my students. They pay attention to every minute thing that I do and that’s why mistakes aren’t accepted.

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An Orphan Child.

I’ve been through thick,
I’ve been through thin,
I’m fed up with flapping my little fin.

I miss my childhood and I miss my mother’s care,
Here I’m left with no one to share.

The story of my life is way beyond imagination,
Maybe this is ‘God’s Creation’.

Your life worth fantasizing,
But mine went just criticizing.

For a child like me all I wanted is mother’s love,
If I’d have got it, I’d become a beautiful dove.

Your life is so subtle still you wonder,
I need to find food so I wander.

You just don’t understand my mind,
Society has always kept me behind.

I’ll soon turn into someone you didn’t imagine,
I’ll earn big money with huge margin.

I am the person who everyone tries to avoid,
I look up in the sky but it’s just so void.

Father behind the bars,
Mother hiding between the stars.

All the content is original and mine. (Vaibhavi Mirkute)

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5 jobs I did…

In this blog post I’ll be sharing my experience at work and 5 jobs I did for side income till I turned 20. From calling to selling and even teaching I tried everything in bits and pieces and that has truly changed me in and out.


Those who know me can definitely tell how much I love selling things and marketing brands.

In my 11th grade I started doing Oriflame with my mother, I used to help her in everything back then. She was a manager and I basically looked for her downlines and demos.

Also, I love the quality products that oriflame has. And if I like something, you needn’t tell me about it. I’ll just brag about it everywhere even if I’m not asked too. (wing)


When I cleared my 12th I had three months in my hand which was again a chance for me to do something. Smartly I thought of doing something related to oriflame but which will also give me little bit of MY income.

So I started my job as a telecaller with one of my directors from oriflame.
At first we didn’t have a word about the ‘salary’ but somewhere in my heart I knew, I was going to get paid (a little bit-definitely a little bit.)

I completely relayed on her for that matter and trust me you guys she didn’t leave a chance to impress me, at the end of the month she handed me an envelope which had a good amount. Maybe she thought I was worth it.
I wasn’t expecting such a big amount at that particular age but I was extremely happy. So I worked as a telecaller for 2 months and that’s it.


Just after my 12th, my grandfather passed away. Me and my grandmother thought of doing something with the shop that we had of our own.

So we started a garment business and I was the one who used to look after every thing from purchasing wholesale stuff, marketing, selling and calculations. (Though I’m bad at Math)

I did it for one and a half year. Later, due to huge response it was getting hectic. I thought that I am really pushing my limits a lot and so I needed a break out of it. I became an antisocial person for that period. My friends even thought I ran away. (Lol)
But I was still happy with my job and the customers gave me a lot of support.
But, it was coming in the middle of my studies.


After the shop I knew what I was capable of and so I decided to do something as a part of my income. I had a clear thing in my mind, I wanted to do something that will not require any investment and of course my very much valuable time. I was okay working 6 days of the week but I wanted a day of my own.
Also, just sitting idle is not my thing. I really cannot sit at home for long. So I did something that will help me in my near future.

I thought that I should start teaching because that is something I am good at, apart from selling. So I got into teaching. I started working as an English teacher in two great classes and a Social Science teacher as well in a home tuition. It is definitely benefiting me as a person as well.


Recently I got a good opportunity to work as an assistant teacher in a school. I also wanted a big break for myself. Deep in my heart I knew this was the one. Apart from my classes, I had my morning time which I wanted to use efficiently.

I went to the school. I gave my interview. I was prepared for my demo lecture. I had the privilege to teach the students for nearly 2 months because I was on a training period. Till that time I didn’t knew weather I was going to get through this job or no. It was a big question mark for me. ❓
For a girl like me getting this kind of job was really a good thing. Opportunity only knocks once and you should be smart enough to let that opportunity serve you right.

After 2 months they thought I was worth it and finally I was told to permanently join the school from December 2018. I am glad about the fact that I did it. Not everybody will feel that you are worth it, people will always try to pull you down but the one thing that I learnt is you have to stop pleasing everybody and start working in your own way. (Your own attitude)

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That Made a Difference.

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Last tuesday you read about things I’m going to work on this year. In this blog post, im going to share some things that I actually worked on in 2018 and those things worked for me. (Happiness)


When I was a kid, I had a kind of closet everybody actually dreams of. Lot of clothes, matching jewelry, sandals and heels and what not. As a teenager I wanted to live the same life as well.

I wanted my closet to look full of good clothes. So, I used to keep myself distracted from everything that was going on around me and shop like an idiot. But now I have realised that impulsive shopping has made holes in my pocket.

In June 2018 I promised myself that I am not going to spend on impulsive shopping anymore but till December, because December is my birthday month (yeah) but later on in November 2018 (because of Diwali) there was a huge sale going on, I couldn’t hold back more and went shopping. I shopped a lot and I really didn’t care about how much I spent. Although, I was happy about the fact that I kept my promise till November. I thought I would break it in July itself. (Sigh)


I was the kind of person who used to take very quick decisions as if I’m always running out of time. Nothing really mattered to me at that particular moment. But now that I have changed myself, I have also implemented a little bit of fanda to my living.

Now what I mean is, rather than taking up steps quickly I research alot (and by alot I literally mean a lot) and then I put my best foot forward for anything that I want to do.
I definitely Google everything before I actually get into it. I pay attention to the pros and cons of it. I also read a lot of books these days, which adds up to my skills.

For example : Even if I want to buy a lipstick online I read the reviews, I check its ingredients, I check if it’s going to suit my skin tone, is it value for money, etc.


To be very honest with y’all, Savings never made any sense to me nor did I understood the meaning of savings back then.
But one of my aunt always used to brag about how we can actually survive in the era of the rising cost of living. I grew up keeping her as my role model which has helped me a lot. (Trust me on that)

I always got the push to earn from my real mother and to save from another.
To be very honest with you all, I was asked to save 80% of my total income, which was quite a lot as a teenager. But now that I’m slightly grown up I really feel the need to do the same. And not to forget an important thing, it should be done on a regular basis. Always be consistent with your savings and it shall give you lot of happiness in the future. Who doesn’t love a lot of money all together? (Sarcastic smile)

My aunt has always pushed me to achieve my desired goal each and every month.
I am not a financial guru but I would definitely suggest you all to start saving till you’re at your initial years of life. Probably not 80-90% but at least 50% of your total income because it will help you in your better future and not anybody else’s.

You can try out these things too and also let me know in the comments if anything has helped you develop yourself.

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The Adventure Begins.

Hola! Welcome to my blog, I hope 2019 shall bring us love, luck and success.
To everybody reading this ; this is my first blog post and I hope you all will like it and share it amongst your friends.
Let’s see what can be done with this New Year and try our best to make it the best year of our life. These are few things I’m going to work on personally, let me know in the comments what are you planning to do. I’d love to go through your plans.


So lately, I’ve developed a new habit that I didn’t think I’d ever do. I started bullet journalling recently and trust me you guys it has changed me a lot and I feel bit more relaxed these days, also I don’t need to stress my brain out for the schedule.
I preplan my month-week-day. It’s been quite a while since I have started and it feels great to do everything with a plan. You should give it a try too this year.

Also I was a night owl back in time. But lately, I’ve started getting up early and I also realised that I do more things throughout the day. I also have a lot of ‘Me Time’ in the morning, which I spend by just sitting ideal. That’s makes me so happyy!!
I am the person who likes to just lie down in bed and think of new ideas. Some people might find it funny, but I plan my day in the sleep itself. After getting up, the first thing I do is write that plan.


Recently, I turned 21 and learnt a lot of things which I am very grateful for. I show my gratitude with this blog post and also at the same time I have understood what does maturity exactly mean.

Maturity is when you understand that new year is not going to change your life. Yeah that’s a bitter truth because you always have to work for your dream.
Just by making new year resolution, things will not fall into place. As I say “Good Things Take Time”. You need to keep your goals in mind and constantly remind yourself about it.

Definitely we have 365 days left in our hand but it doesn’t mean you’ll stretch your goal that far. You should always try to achieve your goal as soon as possible or at least in your desired time.
So this year let’s not only just make resolutions and plans but also work for it.


Success won’t fly to you if you just make excuses but actually come when you start making some moves in your life. That’s what I meant in the earlier point as well, you just don’t have to set targets but you rather have to stick to it and achieve it in the given time that you have targeted yourself with. You don’t need to tell your goal to anybody and everybody but just be honest with yourself. It’s that’s simple.

We always give excuses to others and even that’s not fine. But when you start making an excuse to your inner self you definitely loose that spark. And that’s not doing at all. Sometimes our body and mind both are tired but not always. You should get up strong and get going.

All the content is original and mine. (Vaibhavi Mirkute) The picture credits goes to Pinterest.

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