That Was Daunting For Me.

In this blog post I am trying to be very honest with you guys. This is something that I would never prefer talking about. But right now I am at that point where I don’t mind talking this on the blog.

Putting out content was really important for me. And I would usually stress if I had nothing to post. Soon after watching some videos on the internet, I thought to myself that it’s ok to not post. I was very much stressing on the blogging routine that I created for myself. But then that became a problem for me. As I said writing just comes to you, you cannot just sit and think of specific topics and write something about it. You need to be calm and relaxed and you should have your own opinion about it. Rather than getting unnecessary stuff that my audience does not like, it’s always better to take my time and come up with something that I genuinely enjoy writing.
And also which people appreciate and read to love.

Basically people stick to me for my own thoughts and not for something that I don’t feel by myself. Vaibhavi’s blog is all about being positive and real. My blogs generally go out in a very raw format. I try to use as simple language as possible so that every person reading this blog can understand it.

The pressure was getting over my head and that’s when I decided I will take my time. It’s OKAY to take your time, it’s OKAY to be confused, it’s OKAY to feel YOU when you need to. And I am not complaining about it but I am just letting you know that what happens when you decide what you want. This was not the pressure that came from my audience or my readers but from myself. If you are a content creator and reading this blog right now I would like to tell you that it’s OKAY to take a break from what you’re doing (Just to come up with content in future).

Sometimes the pressure really gets on your nerves and that’s when you should know you have to stop. Realising when to stop is also a very good sign of how well you can deal with your work.

So basically, please don’t stress out because of your work. Take a break whenever you need to. Understand the reason behind your stress and work towards getting things done in a right way. It’s a complete process which you need to trust. Eventually things are going to fall into place.

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This blog post has to be very special to me because I’m sharing few writeups that have extremely touched my heart. My friend Pratik Sontakke writes amazing quotes in Hindi.
I would always prefer reading one liners in English but when I read him I became a fan.

His work is so intense. He calls himself an ‘Adhoora’ in Hindi which literally means incomplete. He can write about anything and everything that he feels. The best thing about his writing is that he writes what he feels. I have never seen any of his posts written randomly. He pours his complete feelings in the writings which makes me read more and more. He is relatable and writes sensibly.

Below are few of his writings that I edited it in my way because I wanted it to be atheistic. (Vaibhavi being Vaibhavi)

This has so much of meaning on its own.

We complain so much about our lives. Let’s just be grateful for everything.


We’re so much tired of the life we live.

Running short on words for this one.

This has to be my favourite. He wrote this for his crush back when he was in college. This is so cute.

You can find him on Instagram – Pratik’s Instagram. 🌸

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This is a poem collaboration with one of my yellow writer. Let me give a little bit of an idea about the context. The first one is written by a third person for/about the man who lost his loved one and the other part is basically the reply from the loved one herself.

The death of his beloved one left his heart broken
that no one could heal, a wound was sealed with
memories of her that no one could steal.

Her love was still his guide : as she was always on his side (accompanying).
As he gazed at her last sight; tears couldn’t hold,
they rushed through his eyes.

He know he’d miss her! At time for the rest of his lifetime. Death apart them but their souls were unites.

What last forever was his growing love. The damage was done as soon as she left the world.

What death takes can life never repay, a lesson
learned never to love someone this way.
Umer Khan

Even if i’m not here, I would love you the way I did
before. Our love was deep and we both were into
each other soaked, our bonds could never get

You should console yourself that i’m still here for
you, and it’s just a matter of days few.

I wished I could die first and you would live.The time should gurgle on, the morn should beam.

No matter how far we are, you’re always close
to my heart, not even death can separate us
Vaibhavi Mirkute

The picture credits goes to Omkar Khochare.

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To The Friends That Turned Into Family.

This blog is as random as my thoughts at 3:00 a.m. This one is specially for people who are very close to my heart. Life is all about moving on. Being happy with or without people by your side. But, these are the gems of my life I can’t really afford to lose.
As I never really express my feelings to them so I thought what better than this blog to show them how much I love them.

Just the other day, I heard someone say that friends are important. And I instantly felt happy about the fact that I’ve a shoulder to cry on.

Disclaimer :- I stopped talking to all of them for some time in life because of some unexpected reasons and then got back together even better. And that’s when I realized they mean a lot to me. (I love you guys)


This person has been with me since childhood, we have had some of the best memories one can have. We had a huge group from our area, out of which only we chose to stay together forever. Simply playing random games to sharing songs via Bluetooth to going for movies together to supporting each other in hard times (breakups maybe lol). We made it through dude. I still remember every single time when we behaved stupidly and got beaten so bad. Lol! There was a time when we stopped talking for a year yet when we got back together, we were back stronger. That break didn’t affect our friendship and that’s why it is so special. Our bonds just grew stronger and there’s no going back. I miss our childhood. And the conversation we used to have at my building’s gate.


Cheers to the only Sindhi friend I have (Bade log – Zindagi me ek Sindhi friend nai banaya to kya banaya). I’ve so much to be grateful for and being friends with her is one of it. She has been there since our Junior College and stuck by my side irrespective of my irritating behaviour. She’s humble and polite to everybody on this planet. But I feel very special with her. She gives out so much to others, this is the only quality that I love and hate about her at the same time. Well, thanks for just being there. We stopped talking when I got a drop from college. Actually I cut down on my friends and most of them left. That was the time when I realized who was mine. She’s still in the list guys, she stayed. ❤️
She has been there with me through thicks and thin (in literal sense). Cheers to the amazing time we had and food we get to taste at her place. We don’t share our secrets cause apparently she does that with only ‘Sindhi best friends’. But she has helped me a lot and continues to do that. If you’re reading this, simply a big THANK YOU!

3. REVA.

The person who always needs validation from people (God knows why) The person who cooks amazingly well and is best friends with other (which I’m jealous of). The person who I abuse a lot and love the most. She’s the only who I don’t butter and say horrendous things to (whether she likes it or not, but she’s my friend, she has to like it)
We met cause we had same subjects during our graduation and since then we got stuck in this beautiful friendship we share. Remember there was a time we stopped talking because of a stupid person (he was a dumbfuck) but came back stronger. One needs to feel the bond that we gal pal share. I know for sure that she’ll now yell at me for posting picture of her where she looks horrible (according to her). She’s needs to know this, looks actually don’t matter. I love her for what kind of a person she is.


The one who always motivates me. The person who never judges me. The person who I can talk random things to. The person who is there no matter what time it is. I started my blog again because of this person. (All thanks to you Mayank.) You have always encouraged me to be someone better every single day.
How we met is something I would never ever want to share on the internet. All thanks to our college canteen. It was a stupid canteen incident which I’m very sorry for. A simple sorry from my side was not enough for that incident. I had to irritate you for the rest of your life. He once even thought I lied to him about my name. We were so stupid when we met. He’s the only person on the face of this planet who thinks I’m mature. He’s the person who always take my side even though I do wrong. He has got a complete opposite personality then me. Everybody thinks we make a cute couple together, but only we know how insane it would be. The bond grew when we stopped talking and came back together with mutual understanding & efforts. I love being with him.

Sorry if I’ve missed out on anyone. I equally love all my friends. But these have a special place in my heart for some or the other reason.

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Just A Little Q&A.

Last year I wrote a post where my blog was nominated for the 2019 tag. I was just going through the post and I thought it would be nice if I answer the same questions that I asked the people whom I nominated.
In case you missed the blog before, here it is 2019 Tag for my Blog

Here are few questions and their answers as well.

1. What gives you an inspiration to write?

> I generally write about things that come to my mind randomly. I don’t remember a time when I sat and thought about something in particular. My mood also affects my writing, of course! Sometimes I do write small pieces and then I’m not able to complete it. I’ve so many incomplete pieces sitting in my notes. (I don’t even bother to complete them now)

2. Are you a spiritual person or you just believe in yourself?

> I would rather not answer this question right now. There’s no particular reason to it but I don’t have an answer. But I think it’s a mixture of both. I do believe in myself (for sure) but I also pray and have faith in the energy that’s around us.

3. What does ‘Karma’ mean to you?

> I strongly believe in Karma, and that is the reason I asked this question in the first place. The world is round and what we give is what we get.

4. Do you think communicating is the best way to solve a problem?

> Of course! I mean there’s no doubt in this one. I’ve seen a lot of relations go in vain cause there was no attempt for coming together. At least, a single conversation could have made it better but people have a lot of ego issues. A healthy conversation about anything and everything will get things into proper place. (But this is something that people don’t understand)

5. Where do you see yourself in the future?

> As of now, I’m only focusing on being a better person every single day. I don’t know what’s in my plate unless and until I go to the dinner table. I’m simply hoping for something best.

6. Any book you’d like to suggest?

> ‘Dairy of a Young Girl’ by Anne Frank.
‘The Story of My Life’ by Helen Keller.

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This is a poem based on something that happens quite often in our country. Yes I am talking about the problem of acid throwing on women in India. A movie named Chappak, is recently released and I thought what better day to post this poem than today.

Envy of my beautiful face, acid was thrown.
It haunts me thinking of the groans.

Ugliest person in the society – I was known.
Getting better at life, I shone.

Why me? I was shooked and blown.
Life became hell, but I got out of that zone.
Left behind things and ahead of everybody I flown.

Encouraging myself overall, I have grown.
Motivating women like me, seeds of positivity I have sown.

Envy of my beautiful face, acid was thrown.
Envy of my beautiful face, acid was thrown.

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The featured image is taken from Deepika’s Instagram.

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The Last Time We Were Together.

The last time we were together, you smiled and I blushed.

You spread your arms, to hug you I rushed.

Hugging you I skipped a beat.

In that moment, there was a heat.

I thought I would say those magical words and things will fall into place.

After all I knew it was just a phase.

Soon after I realised that it’s all over.

How stupid was I to be a hopeless lover.

You were far away and I was nether.

I simply miss the last time we were together.

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