An Orphan Child.

I’ve been through thick,
I’ve been through thin,
I’m fed up with flapping my little fin.

I miss my childhood and I miss my mother’s care,
here I’m left with no one to share.

The story of my life is way beyond imagination,
Maybe this is ‘God’s Creation’.

Your life worth fantasizing,
But mine went just criticizing.

For a child like me all I wanted is mother’s love,
If I’d have got it, I’d become a beautiful dove.

Your life is so subtle still you wonder,
I need to find food so I wander.

You just don’t understand my mind,
Society has always kept me behind.

I’ll soon turn into someone you didn’t imagine,
I’ll earn big money with huge margin.

I am the person who everyone tries to avoid,
I look up in the sky but it’s just so void.

Father behind the bars,
mother hiding between the stars.

All the content is original and mine. (Vaibhavi Mirkute)

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5 jobs I did…

In this blog post I’ll be sharing my experience at work and 5 jobs I did for side income till I turned 20. From calling to selling and even teaching I tried everything in bits and pieces and that has truly changed me in and out.


Those who know me can definitely tell how much I love selling things and marketing brands.

In my 11th grade I started doing Oriflame with my mother, I used to help her in everything back then. She was a manager and I basically looked for her downlines and demos.

Also, I love the quality products that oriflame has. And if I like something, you needn’t tell me about it. I’ll just brag about it everywhere even if I’m not asked too. (wing)


When I cleared my 12th I had three months in my hand which was again a chance for me to do something. Smartly I thought of doing something related to oriflame but which will also give me little bit of MY income.

So I started my job as a telecaller with one of my directors from oriflame.
At first we didn’t have a word about the ‘salary’ but somewhere in my heart I knew, I was going to get paid (a little bit-definitely a little bit.)

I completely relayed on her for that matter and trust me you guys she didn’t leave a chance to impress me, at the end of the month she handed me an envelope which had a good amount. Maybe she thought I was worth it.
I wasn’t expecting such a big amount at that particular age but I was extremely happy. So I worked as a telecaller for 2 months and that’s it.


Just after my 12th, my grandfather passed away. Me and my grandmother thought of doing something with the shop that we had of our own.

So we started a garment business and I was the one who used to look after every thing from purchasing wholesale stuff, marketing, selling and calculations. (Though I’m bad at Math)

I did it for one and a half year. Later, due to huge response it was getting hectic. I thought that I am really pushing my limits a lot and so I needed a break out of it. I became an antisocial person for that period. My friends even thought I ran away. (Lol)
But I was still happy with my job and the customers gave me a lot of support.
But, it was coming in the middle of my studies.


After the shop I knew what I was capable of and so I decided to do something as a part of my income. I had a clear thing in my mind, I wanted to do something that will not require any investment and of course my very much valuable time. I was okay working 6 days of the week but I wanted a day of my own.
Also, just sitting idle is not my thing. I really cannot sit at home for long. So I did something that will help me in my near future.

I thought that I should start teaching because that is something I am good at, apart from selling. So I got into teaching. I started working as an English teacher in two great classes and a Social Science teacher as well in a home tuition. It is definitely benefiting me as a person as well.


Recently I got a good opportunity to work as an assistant teacher in a school. I also wanted a big break for myself. Deep in my heart I knew this was the one. Apart from my classes, I had my morning time which I wanted to use efficiently.

I went to the school. I gave my interview. I was prepared for my demo lecture. I had the privilege to teach the students for nearly 2 months because I was on a training period. Till that time I didn’t knew weather I was going to get through this job or no. It was a big question mark for me. ❓
For a girl like me getting this kind of job was really a good thing. Opportunity only knocks once and you should be smart enough to let that opportunity serve you right.

After 2 months they thought I was worth it and finally I was told to permanently join the school from December 2018. I am glad about the fact that I did it. Not everybody will feel that you are worth it, people will always try to pull you down but the one thing that I learnt is you have to stop pleasing everybody and start working in your own way. (Your own attitude)

All the content is original and mine. (Vaibhavi Mirkute) The picture credits goes to Pinterest.

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That Made a Difference.

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Last tuesday you read about things I’m going to work on this year. In this blog post, im going to share some things that I actually worked on in 2018 and those things worked for me. (Happiness)


When I was a kid, I had a kind of closet everybody actually dreams of. Lot of clothes, matching jewelry, sandals and heels and what not. As a teenager I wanted to live the same life as well.

I wanted my closet to look full of good clothes. So, I used to keep myself distracted from everything that was going on around me and shop like an idiot. But now I have realised that impulsive shopping has made holes in my pocket.

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The Adventure Begins

Hola! Welcome to my blog, I hope 2019 shall bring us love, luck and success.
To everybody reading this ; this is my first blog post and I hope you all will like it and share it amongst your friends.
Let’s see what can be done with this New Year and try our best to make it the best year of our life. These are few things I’m going to work on personally, let me know in the comments what are you planning to do. I’d love to go through your plans.


So lately, I’ve developed a new habit that I didn’t think I’d ever do. I started bullet journalling recently and trust me you guys it has changed me a lot and I feel bit more relaxed these days, also I don’t need to stress my brain out for the schedule.
I preplan my month-week-day. It’s been quite a while since I have started and it feels great to do everything with a plan. You should give it a try too this year.

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