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Goals For The Week. 14th March – 20th March.

Welcome back to Life & Leisure. ✨

Today’s blog is another goals of the week and I really have no clue why all of a sudden I get extra motivated to achive all the goals in the middle of the month. But anyways, I have a list of goals I want to tick off of my list for this week.

This Monday started on a very beautiful note, which might be so unusual for so many of you. I went to the gym and then started working like I normally do and till now I haven’t exhausted all my breaks, which is so surprising. Lol!

Moving on to the actual goals of the week.


Cleaning something or the other has to be in the list. I mean who is even Vaibhavi if she doesn’t have anything to clean?! At this point I guess everybody knows how messy I am. My cupboard is flooded with clothes and they litreally fall down whenever I open it and I am so done with picking them up and putting them back again, that I have to clean it up.


Honestly the only way that people are going to find my blog is if I promote it all the time. I always choose one social media platform that is Instagram but I have realised that I was wrong all the time. I need to use all the platforms that I possibly can and I believe that each platform will reach different kinds of people / supporters.


I have so much of content written and pictures both that I never really end up posting. I go out all the time and take hell lot of pictures / videos and also write a lot about the whole experience but I don’t post anything online. My phone has over 15,000 pictures, whaaatttt????? My Google drive is full and it keeps sending me notifications everyday to clean it.

So I am going to listen to the God of drive and clean my phone for good. But before I do that I want to post everything on its respective platforms so that I can peacefully delete everything from my phone.


The main intention behind this goal is to feel less anxious before publishing a blog, at least once. I get so impatient before posting a blog every time that I cannot even explain it here. I want to push myself a little bit more and schedule blog posts on WordPress so that I can simply push the publish button and be good to go.

For a change I want to see how relaxing it is to schedule posts and chill. I have seen a lot of bloggers doing this and it does help a lot.

So I am going to try it too, let’s hope for the best.

With this I finish my goals for the week, let’s see by the end of the month whether I am able to achieve it or not. I am pretty sure I will achieve 2 of them. See you soon.

Until then byyeee! ❤️

Revdanda – An Ultimate Guide. ðŸŒŠ

Welcome back to Life and Leisure. ✨

In this blog post I have tried to put out as much as information possible about Revdanda. I wrote something similar in the month of January about Shirdi and you guys appreciated that so much, that I had to do this again.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, check it out here – Shirdi – An Ultimate Guide.

Revdanda Beach is a very isolated beach and is situated near the fort. It is a nice place to have a weekend getaway with your near and dear ones. I went in the month of February with my friends and it was super fun. I went for a beach camping and wrote a blog about it too, check it out – Revdanda – A Rejuvenating Place. ⛺

1. All the places mentioned on this blog are visited and reviewed by me.
2. It is completely my opinion and experience, however, yours can differ.
3. I have spent my money to visit these places and none of them are sponsored.
4. Nobody paid me to write this blog.
5. I have tried to make this blog pretty organised and if you click on the Blue words, you will be directed to their websites / maps / what I have added for you.

Now that all the disclaimers are out of the way, let’s actually begin the blog.



The best way to reach Revdanda would be by your private vehicle, so that you can take those little stops whenever you want to. There are so many small spots that you will find on the road that you would want to take pictures at, so taking a private vehicle would be an appropriate option.


The nearest station to Revdanda would be Roha, you can get there by Kokan railways and you can board this train at Diva station (Central line). But if you choose the train option, you will have to take another 1 hour 30 mins long road journey with whatever transport you get. So trains can be pain and not recommended for a fun journey.

• BUS.

There are a lot of public bus options you can rely on to reach Revdanda. I found Raj Raj Bus Services that has 40 buses scheduled for a day from Panvel to Alibaug and then again from Alibaug to Panvel.


The ferry can also be an interesting option to reach Revdanda and guess what?! I went by a ferry as well. This is not the most affordable option but definitely it’s a fun one. There are multiple ferries that you can sail with from Gateway of India or Bhaucha Dhakka and they also have their own buses from Mandwa Jetty to Alibaug Chowk, which is included in the fair itself.
They charge anywhere between 150/- to 250/- ($2 – $3) depending on the fair itself.

M2M is also quite famous but is on the expensive side, however if you are travelling with your vehicles then M2M would be an appropriate option for you.

Book your tickets at M2M Website.

Now that reaching Revdanda is out of the picture, let me now tell you



Almost everywhere in Revdanda you will find homestays where they offer you rooms and also give you amazing homemade food. This stay option was quite famous until resorts came into picture. I remember going to Konkan and staying in homestays with my family but this time around I saw a completely different picture.


This time I could not do much hotel hunting because I was in Revdanda for just one day and then I went to another location but I did spot two amazing places, so here they are.

1. Castle Villa.

Castle Villa on Google Maps.

• Staff is super friendly.
• Deluxe cottages and tent system.
• Has a pool with a superb ambience overall.
• Rating of 4.9 on Google Maps.

2. Hotel La Mer Beach House.

Hotel La Mer Beach House.

• Rooms are spacious and clean.
• 2-3 minutes away from the beach.
• Cozy vibes.
• Felt safe when I visited to check it out.
• Rating of 4.1 on Google Maps.


I went for a beach camping and absolutely loved my experience, you can choose camping as well and stay in those cute little tents.

I stayed with Tent By The Bay and staying at the beach is as an awesome experience.


To be honest, you can visit Revdanda literally throughout the year but I still give you a quick break up of the months.


It is generally very crowded during April and May because of Summer as chilling on the beach is something that everybody loves.


It is not considered as the best time to visit Alibaug or places near by as it rains cats and dogs but if you want to visit the place for its scenic views then you should probably plan your vacation during these months.


It’s winter during this period and the temperature feels so pleasant. It’s not too cold there and you can literally enjoy sitting on the beach or even get an experience of staying on the beach.



I cannot stress enough how important it is to have a torch especially during the night as Revdanda does not have much street lights in the gullies. And even if you want to have a quick roam on a beach you would need a torch light.


Another important thing to carry when water is the main attraction are an extra pair of clothes. You cannot just throw your dirty clothes in the corner of your room like you normally do when you are at home.


I am not a sunscreen person but I had to get one for this trip. I saw it in a random YouTube video that a person got sun burnt on the first day itself and had miserable days after. I did not feel like taking a risk at all because no matter how careful you are, sunburn can still happen.


I get allergies very quickly than one can imagine and I hate hate hate something like that on my skin. Mosquito repellent is a must when you go out and about especially for a trip like this where water is near.


Generally you will get a blanket wherever you go but I like to carry mine anyways. This one is completely optional but if you feel the need to carry one for yourself, you can.



Revdanda Fort on Google Maps.

This fort was built by Portuguese Capt. Soj, and completed in 1524. Revdanda itself is built on the fort and you can see bits and pieces of the fort in and around while strolling.


Revdanda Beach on Google Maps.

Sunsets near the beach completely hits different and sunsets at Revdanda are no less. You will get to see a proper sunset if you stand / sit by the beach, it’s just that it can be pretty crowded in the evening so find yourself a spot that is far away from the public.


I remember going for a walk in the morning with my mother and it was so therapeutic. I can tell you for sure that there is no better way to start your day than a walk on a wet and clean beach.


Do I even have to explain this?


Setting up a picnic can also be so much fun by the beach along with your friends. I would like to setup a picnic myself too if I can someday, that is something on my list.


Honestly there is just one precaution that you need to take and that is to check the tides properly before you decide to go to the beach, especially at night. The beach is accessible to anybody and everybody 24/7 and having a beach access to yourself whole night is such a beautiful and luxurious feeling but there is nothing worse then waking up in the middle of the night to enjoy your special moment, only to find out that there is high tide.

Also, last but not the least while strolling and visiting Agarkot Killa I met a local guide from Alibaug, Amin Mulla and he was giving out so much information to the people who came along with him.
So I had a word with him and got to know that he helps people view Alibaug fort, June Vastu, Mandirs (Prachin), Revdanda fort, Korlai fort, Janjira fort, etc.

It takes one whole day to explore Alibaug and Revdanda, he would be the right person to discuss that with you. You can get in touch with him on the number given below.

Amin Mulla : 9168566711 (calling & what’s app)

Note :- I took his permission before posting his cell number online. I am not going to get any commission out of this so feel free to contact him for your tour. This is solely for your information to make your journey as smooth as possible.

With that I complete today’s blog, I hope that you have found this helpful. I have put my heart and soul curating this blog for you guys so that it becomes easy for you guys to travel.

Please do share this blog with as many people as you can. It will give me the motivation to write even more and come up with such blogs every month. 🤞🏻

Until then, byyeee! ❤️

Revdanda РA Rejuvenating Place.ʉݼ

Welcome back to Life & Leisure. ✨

In the month of February, I wanted to go somewhere and I didn’t know exactly where to.

I searched online and finally found Travelthon which had some packages but what caught my eye was the beach camping at Alibaug. I called them and got all the information about the camping in general because this is the second time I am going for camping but I wanted it to be the best one.

DISCLAIMER :- This blog or my trip is not sponsored by anybody or by any means. I have spent my own sweet time to do my research, gather information, spent my own money and took whole lot of efforts for this one trip (Revdanda & Nagaon).

Last year in January I went to Revdanda with my family and this year again I was there. It feels so nice to go to a place and experience a whole different energy with new people altogether.

If you know me you would know that I do my research for everything, litreally! Even for the weekend, I took my sweet little time to do my research and then finally decided the one thing that suits my budget and also felt promising.

I left on Saturday (12.02.2022) and I chose the most convenient means of transport, a Ferry from Gateway of India. I reached around 11 p.m. and it was a pretty warm day and I knew I was going to get myself in trouble because there was killer heat. Anyways, I liked the whole experience of travelling through the sea.

Arabian Sea has always fascinated me for no reason but it is so nice that we can simply go to Gateway of India and get the view of the beautiful water. I also made a reel and posted on @lifeandleisuredotcom on Instagram, do check it out.

I reached Mandwa Jetty at 12:30 p.m. and the bus ticket to Alibaug was already included in our ferry, which makes it even more affordable. By the way, there were a lot of people on the boat so do make sure to follow all the covid precautions that you can.

Mandwa Jetty.

I had a heavy breakfast so I was full till I reached the Jetty but after the bus journey I started feeling hungry again and I did not waste a lot of time in searching for good hotel. I saw Hotel Dutta Krupa and immediately just entered because I was super hungry and it felt like a homely restuarant. After that, while taking a Tum-Tum (their local rikshaw) I went to Hotel Abhishek to have some Solkadi.

During those 2 days the number of coconut trees I saw was insane and I so so wanted to have coconut water, I can’t even tell you.

We reached the campsite around 3:30 p.m. and I quickly changed my outfit because I wanted to take pictures. After which I enjoyed my welcome drink (non-alcoholic) and headed straight to the beach. It was crazy crowded because of the weekend but I did manage to click some pictures. Watching sunset was my favourite part, ofcourse!

I wanted to have this kinda picture since so long.
Look at this! 😍

After veiwing the most beautiful sunset we kinda roamed in and around Revdanda and I was surprised to see how all small shops had Wi-Fi so that people could pay the bill. Anyways, we got some liquor to enjoy at the campsite and we returned back. We played Uno, gossiped, celebrated a friend’s birthday and what not.

I love to have my sweet little stargazing session, especially if I am going to an open area. It was pretty cold outside so I couldn’t lay down on the beach but I did manage to lay down in the campsite itself to look at the stars and have some amazing deep yet funny conversations with Saurabh.

My phone didn’t do a good job at capturing the stars though.

Who wouldn’t love the idea of lying under the sky full of stars and sound of waves crashing?

After the cake cutting I was so tired, I straight up went to sleep as I had no energy to sit and talk more. I took of the rain fly for an open sunlight early in the morning so that I could wake up to some amazing sun rays coming in and waking me up to through the roof.

I really did not wish to leave the campsite and I wanted to stay bit longerrr but I had other plans and I had to say goodbye to this place but I will surely comeback. The next day in Revdanda I explored some local places and stay options so I could include that in my blogs. Clicked more pictures that I didn’t post anywhere but still, and finally filled my basket of memories while leaving.

Camping on the beach is for sure an experience that you must try at least once in your life.

Camps are literally for everyone, if you want to enjoy your company or a great family gathering or even an intimate weekend with your other half. If you are going with a group of friends well and good because we did enjoy quite a lot. But make sure you only go with friends that like to socialize with new people and also with a group whose only moto is to have fun.

If you are going on a beach stay for the first time and don’t want to do it on your own, you can contact Travelthon on Instagram and ask for the packages that they offer. That’s exactly what I did because I was not willing to plan the whole thing by myself for 2 days.

Also, a detailed blog is coming up super soon about Revdanda, places, things to do, way to reach, etc. So stay tuned.

Until then, byyeee! ❤️

February Reflections 2022. ðŸ’«

Welcome back to Life & Leisure. ✨

For February I rather decided to go with the flow as I wanted to do things my way, yes the procrastinated way.

How was February as a whole?
– February was a short and sweet month, quite overwhelming too for many reasons.

February again was a month in which the first half was great but the second half wasn’t. I went on a nice trip to Revdanda and after coming back home I got completely caught up with work and with literally just one week off.

I posted January Reflections 2022. 💫 this month and nothing at all after that. I did upload quite a lot of blogs in January and then gave myself a nice break, which was needed, and that break ended up being a month’s long break, lol!

I couldn’t post many blogs in the month of February but I did manage to achieve a part of my early goal is to post a blog in a month.

The best discovery of February 2022 has been the pleasure that I got by going to the gym. I am liking the workout sessions even though they are very basic but at least they are keeping my body active. I am glad that I purchased a membership and I am going regularly.

I also got a hustle if I may say so because honestly I love writing reviews so much and day by day I am actively trying to write more. Till now I was just writing for my profile but nowadays, I also review some specific things for brands that they want me to. Right now, I have worked for some great brands. I not only get free products but also get to be an integral part of the brands I work with.

I also started my little Instagram page @lifeandleisuredotcom which is of course a little baby of my blog Life and Leisure. I am trying different types of content and exploring new things like reels, yes reels!

Now talking about achievements, I crossed 10,00,000 views on my Google Map photos this month, which already crossed 12,00,000 views. 😍

I also got a Master Reviewer badge.

And a Master Photographer badge.

Honestly so many things happened in the month of February but seems like nothing happened.

Also, I am planning to take on a couple of collaborations and also expand my niche a little bit. I like reviewing places on Google Maps, so why not do it on Instagram and my blog too. I am planning to mail a couple of cafes for a small collaboration, if it works out you will see much more content shortly. 🤞🏻

Let me know how your February was, I would love to read it in the comments.

Until then, been! ❤️

January Reflections 2022. ðŸ’«

January has been such a short but also a long month, it felt never ending but it’s already gone by and it was crazy! Thankfully January was a great great great month, touchwood!

I thought I would do a quick reflections blog on how my January was and whether I was able to achieve the goals for the month. This is the first time I set goals of the week for myself rather than months and posted online, I am glad that I did.

First things first,

How was January as a whole?

January was quite a fantastic month to kickstart 2022 and it was unique for me because of a couple of different reasons.

I did a lot of things for the first time and it was quite overwhelming for me actually. However, the first half of January was absolutely great compared to the second half. The last ten days of January were more of mental breakdowns for me, especially because of work.

We also had couple of guests over but I wasn’t feeling myself much, I wanted my own space in my house but my mother did not understand that. I don’t know whether it’s her welcoming nature or utter ignorance but sometimes it gets to me badly.

But honesty for me, the biggest discovery of January 2022 has for sure been the joy of daily blogging. I feel so touched and overwhelmed when you guys say you like reading the blog and can relate to what’s happening in my life or when you say that you like my recommendations. I sense connection through your comments. ❤️

January Reflections blog was supposed to go live on 1st February but I did not feel like pushing myself much. Some days I don’t even feel like writing at all, it’s been three days now that I didn’t even scribble anything. You see this is one of the reason I don’t think pursuing blogging as a career is a good idea for me. At times I am over motivated and can finish up to two to three blogs – not even exaggerating but sometimes I cannot even grab a pen and begin to think.

Also when I write it on a piece of paper it looks like a lot of content but when I actually type it in a phone, it becomes so short you guys. Like I literally write around two to three pages and when I copy it on my phone it is literally two paragraphs. When I write I feel like I have written so much but that is not how it is at all.

Okay, moving on from the so called writers block for me.

Let me also quickly share my thoughts about the goals that I set for myself in the month of January and I have detailed blogs about it.

Penning down my thoughts.

I was able to write a lot of pages, especially for my blog and also ofcourse some personal thoughts. For all the things I wanted to be personal, I wrote everything down and put the papers in trash as my mind and heart was just heavy and I wanted to get things off of my mind.

Wake-up to sunrise.

This one is funny because I actually did not have to wake up every morning as I am doing an 11:30 p.m. to 8:30 a.m. shift and I used to be awake during sunrises. So I did not take efforts-efforts as such but I did achieve this goal as I watched the sunrise everyday.

Loving my job.

I did work for like 10 days straight, which feels so weird. I would work religiously back in June / July but never really ended up paying attention to my work later. But now I am back to my senses again, for real and for good.
I am not yet sure whether I love my job or not, but I did manage to work properly last month.

Zerodha Varsity Course.

I did take one basic course and completed the whole thing, not in one go though. I was constantly working and did not take a day off so it was hard for me to balance everything and also study. I still managed to read everything between the lines and achieve 250/250. 🥳

Reduce tea consumption.

I do see a change in how many cups of tea I have in a day now. It surely did reduce from 4-5 cups a day to 2-3 cups a day and I am happy. I cannot imagine myself not having tea at all, so that could never (never ever) be my goal but I wanted to reduce it. I am planning to just have two cups a day and I will be consciously working towards that.

Earn from stocks.

Yaay!! I did manage to make a profit of 600/- in a week. I know it might not be a lot for a lot of people but I am glad that I tried, I know a couple of my friends who trade daily also earn about 10,000 and even more but they have also learnt it the hard way. Considering my knowledge and the money that I put in, 600/- is a decent amount.
I don’t know how but I did use my brain in the right way and Saurabh did help me as well. I was the one who chose the right stock for myself and he was helping me with the charts a bit.

I am not going to tell you the exact stocks that I traded in, simply because –
(a) Money is involved.
(b) I am not the right person to talk about it.
(c) I really don’t want to be the reason somebody would lose money (just in case).
(d) Most importantly, I am a noob myself.

So, do your own research and decide whether to trade or not.

Clean my desk.

So, last week I woke up around 8:30 in the evening and subconsciously just wanted to clear all the mess in and around my room. I decided to get out of bed after procrastinating for about nice 40-45 minutes and then sat in the swing for nice 5 minutes. After which I cleaned my desk, I believe I haven’t done this since Diwali. Wow! And no my mother did not tell me to do that, I did it on my own. (Yaay, goal achieved)

That’s all for the goals part of January, moving on.

I am honestly giving my blog so much time that I feel like I am making up for all the months / years that I wasted. I have so many things planned for myself as well as Life & Leisure, I really hope that my little blog grows. I want to reach 1000 blog followers, it’s hard but not impossible for sure. The wordpress community is phenomenal and brimming with positivity.

The last couple of days of January I spent was by talking on the phone with new a friend (who is no more friend, lol) and honestly it was a good feeling to actually talk to someone apart from the handful of people that I generally talk to every single day.

Losing a friend is always a pain for me but this time I was quite okay because I knew what was about to happen. Did it hurt me? No! But do I miss the conversations? YES!

Also, I am super duper close to reach 10,00,000 views on my Google Maps photos, WHAAATTT???!!!! 🤯 I love writing reviews on Google Maps even though it doesn’t pay me anything. I am on cloud 9 when I know people find my reviews helpful and they want me to review more places, it might sound very cliche but it’s true that I find this much more valuable than money. I am always surprised when I see the numbers go up every single month for my photos and checking the insights on my mail drives me crazy.

If you haven’t read my reviews yet, click here.

Also, one kind request. Don’t come at me saying it’s already 10th February, I know I am too damn late for something like this but it is what it is. 🤷🏻‍♀️😅 But on a very very very happy note, I have some different yet amazing blogs planned for the month of February. Smash that follow button if you haven’t already.

Until then, byyeee! ❤️

Goals For The Week. 24 Jan – 31 Jan.

Welcome back to Life & Leisure. ✨

Today is again that day where I feel bit motivated than I should and I am going to make the most out of it.

This blog was supposed to go live day before yesterday as it was Monday but I was feeling little feverish. So accept my apology for being late and I believe better late than never.

This week’s goals are again going to be super simple and achievable. I am happy that my mid month motivation did work for me last time and I was able to achieve my goals. I don’t know why but I suddenly wanted to do everything and even more. But I was like, girl you gotta take it slow. 😅🤦🏻‍♀️

This week’s goals are –


I have been meaning to do this from quite some time now and here I am adding it to my list of goals this week.


I have completed the basic course from Zerodha now and also seen a bunch of videos on YouTube on how to trade. I am little confident now to say the least. I want to learn how to trade while earning because I believe in practical knowledge too.

The goal for this week is just to make a profit of 500/-. I am not looking at the brokerage at this hour because I just want to make profit, it can be any amount everyday but the total should be 500/- by the end of the week.

I really don’t think it’s too much to expect and let’s hope for the best.


I don’t mean it literally but I got 2 gold fishes and I love them. The fish pot actually attracted me so much that I got them but little did I know it would come with a lot of responsibility. I have to take care of them, give them appropriate food twice a day and change the water twice a week. Wow! Now that’s a task but I will set a goal until I get used to it.

I did read a detailed blog about gold fishes as this is the first time I am petting a fish.


I have realised that I squander so much of time in producing blogs and hence I have decided that I am going to take some courses based on WordPress. I want to improve a bit and up my blogging game. Again these courses are going to be free and I will try to read as much as possible. I don’t think there will be any certification courses that I want to take for WordPress but I just want to learn more about it at this point.

That is all for today’s blog and this week’s goals. I will do a quick recap on how my weeks were and the goals one by one at the end of the month. See you soon.

Until then, byee!!

Shirdi – An Ultimate Guide.

Welcome back to Life & Leisure. ✨

My recent trip to Shirdi was such a beautiful experience and I of course wanted to share every little detail of it with you guys as you know how much I love sharing my daily happenings on this platform.

I have written two blogs about my days in Shirdi, linked below.

Shirdi – The Sacred Space🌹Part 1.

Shirdi – The Sacred Space🌹Part 2.

I don’t know as yet whether this can be considered as a travel blog but you guys, I would really love it if you appreciate the efforts that went into this one blog. I did quite a lot of research before going to Shirdi and even after reaching there, so that I could give you as much as information as I can from my end.

Shirdi’s Shri Sai Baba Mandir is dedicated to Shri Sai Baba who is worshipped by many people in India irrespective of their religion. There is honestly different kind of energy that you will experience once you are in Shirdi. I am blessed enough to get the blessings of Sai Baba in the very first month of the year itself.

1. All the places mentioned on this blog are visited and reviewed by me.
2. It is completely my opinion and experience, however, yours can differ.
3. I have spent my money to visit these places and none of them are sponsored.
4. Nobody paid me to write this blog.
5. I have tried to make this blog as organised as possible and if you click on the Blue words, you will directed to their websites / maps / what I have added for you.

Woah! Those were a lot of disclaimers, now let’s get back to the blog. Without wasting any much time, let me share all the details with you.

First things first.


The thing you want to do on priority is book your Darshan slot. You can plan your trip after you book your slot. You have to click on the link, register yourself and then book your slot.

Book your Darshan slot here.

You can download your receipt by simply visiting any Shri Sai Baba Sansthan Trust and get your pass printed. I love how they have tried to take care of all the devotees in every way possible.



The most easiest and cheapest way to reach Shirdi is by train. There are trains from Mumbai, Pune and other parts of Maharashtra as well.

You can book your tickets for Sainagar Shirdi Railway Station (SNSI), you can use the M-indicator app or the IRCTC app to check out the timings for the trains and even book your tickets for Shirdi.

Ticket starts from as low as 200/- for non AC to 1000/- for AC (depending upon what type of  ticket you choose)

Download M-indicator app here.

Download IRCTC app here.


I always prefer this option as it’s super convenient to travel by a bus rather than a train in my opinion. The State transport buses are available from cities again like Mumbai, Pune, Nashik, Ahmednagar, Manmad, etc.

You can also choose private buses, you can opt for non AC or AC buses too. Generally a one way trip from Mumbai to Shirdi would cost you around 350 to 400 (depending on your travels).

I am going to add the number of the travel agent who I booked my bus tickets from, he is Sachin from Sai Bhakti Tours and Travels.

Sachin : 9284460603 / 8421808680

This is what he offers as well.

Note :- I took his permission before posting his cell number online. I am not going to get any commission out of this so feel free to contact him for your bookings. This is solely for your information to make your journey as smooth as possible.


This is the most fastest way to reach Shirdi but can be little expensive. Shirdi also has an airport, which is 13 km away from the Sai Baba Mandir. I couldn’t find any flights before writing this blog but I am sure there will be a couple of flights every week. You can do your own research about the flights before selecting your mode of transportation.

Download Goibibo here.

Download Make my trip here.



I did hotel hunting for almost 2 hours and came across some hotels that were nice. However, I did not choose to stay there because I wanted something very close to the temple.

Here are 3 of them that I visited and felt it can go up on my blog, I am going to link them for you so that you can select one of those.

1. Hotel Sai Chhatra.

Sai Chhatra on Google Maps.

• Rooms were spacious and clean.
• 5 minutes away from the temple.
• Has plenty of restuarants in the neighborhood.
• Friendly staff
• Rating of 4.4 on Google Maps.

2. Hotel Neem Treee

Neem Treee on Google Maps.

• Rooms were spacious and clean.
• Cozy vibes.
• Felt safe when I visited to check it out.
• Close to the bus stop (5 mins away from the Mandir)
• Little on the expensive side.
• Rating of 4.5 on Google Maps

3. The Temple View Hotel.

Temple View on Google Maps.

• Spacious rooms.
• Right in front of the temple.
• Has plenty of restuarants in the neighborhood.
• Rooms above 1,000/-.
• Rating of 4.3 on Google Maps.

You can even checkout hotels online on Fab hotels or Goibibo etc.

Download Fabhotels here. Use YOBVCY to get additional 700/- off on your booking.

Download Goibibo here.


Another option for stay would be the Sai Baba Bhakt Niwas, which is an initiative by Shri Saibaba Sansthan Trust. They have 500 rooms and additional 1,000 rooms for the devotees who want an affordable option to stay.

I spoke to a lady who very kindly told me that around 1,000 people per day come here for stay during covid and around 10,000 during festivals. They have rooms, dorms, dining hall, garden for all the devotees staying here. They also have a canteen that has tea, coffee, milk and water starting from 2/-.

You can book your accommodation for Sai Baba Bhakt Niwas here.


To be honest, Shirdi is a place that people can go to each and every month. I will tell you a quick breakdown of weather according to months.


Winters are the best time to visit Shirdi as the weather is pleasant. I visited in January and the temperature did fall till 13 degrees celcius. It was very cold for me personally but you would love that.


Summers is the less crowded season and so it can be a great time to visit Shirdi if you are someone who wants to have Darshan peacefully without worrying about crowd / covid. However, the temperature goes up to 40 degrees celsius which can be little too hot.


It doesn’t rain cats and dogs in Shirdi but do make sure you carry an umbrella as rain showers are frequent.


There are plenty of restuarants in a row just opposite the temple and in Shirdi in general. Food can completely be your call considering the ambience and what you kind of food you like in general.

My personal recommendations of restuarants are listed below.

Reddy Anna’s Tiffins for amazing South Indian breakfast.

Sadhana Chulivarchi Misal for great authentic Misals.

Sai Darbar Food Court for variety of thalis.

Hotel Abhishek for thalis and great food at affordable prices.

Sai Amrut for good food, chaat, soups and more.

Domino’s Pizza for a quite bite. (Only VEG).

You can go to any restuarants and have a good meal. Again, as I mentioned it is your call. I ate at these restaurants / places and I liked it.

Another option if you want to have Prasad or rather free food, you can go to Prasadalaya.


Now that important things are out of the way, let me tell you what all places can you visit in Shirdi. If you are in Shirdi with friends, family or even solo travelling, these are the places that you can go to and enjoy.


Sai Teerth Theme Park is an absolutely must visit when you are in Shirdi. You would love this place and I am sure about that.

They have 4 shows in total, that would cost you around 100/- for three shows and 50/- for one plus taxes. But I would recommend that you take the combo pack itself, not just to save money but also because each and every show is one hundred percent worth it.

You can book your tickets online on their website, they have mentioned the packages for every thing that you get in the theme park.

Sai Teerth Theme Park’s website.


They have tried to portray how everything was during the time of Sai Baba via statues and there are boards to explain what the scene is about.

They charge 125/- for a ticket that includes a visit inside the village, monorail ride, magic show etc. They also have camel ride & horse ride but those are paid.

You can book your ticket at the counter itself, they only take payments in cash by the way.


To the devotees of Sai Baba, Dwarkamai is one of the treasures of Shirdi. On entering the mosque you will be struck by its powerful atmosphere and the positive vibes instantly.







With this, I have covered everything that was possible from my end. As I mentioned, this is the first time I am writing a blog like this so I am sorry if I might have not written it appropriately but I am still learning along the way.
I am so glad that I was able to tick off one goal from my yearly goals list, which was to write a travel blog.

On Life & Leisure, I have never asked you to like, comment or share my post but today is different. It took me days to research, write, curate and publish this blog. It is super special to me and I would really really appreciate if you take a moment to comment and tell me whether it was helpful and do share it is well.

See you soon. Until then, bye!!! ❤️

Ten Blogs, Eighteen Days & Hundred Thoughts.

Hey guys! Welcome back to Life & Leisure. ✨

New day and new blog again, I hope you are loving the blog posts every day.

Today I thought I would give you a quick heads up on how I am finding the whole blogging experience so far and if you are someone that is putting out regular content too, tell me in the comments how are you keeping up with that.


The number of blogs I have read so far is crazy, every piece of content I have read is amazing and vast. I really appreciate all the efforts that all the bloggers are putting out. Each and everyone is doing everything that one possibly can and trying to put out the best content that one wants to read.

I have always said this and don’t shy away from saying this again that WordPress community is really great. Every single day, there is always support and I really appreciate that. I am reading blogs from goals to organising oneself to marriages to self love and just everything. Which I love.


It can be a bit tiring to write, edit and post every single day. I do get confused sometimes because I’ve so many bits and pieces written here and there. I litreally write type down all the things that comes to my mind at any point of time.

What I did this time was, I wrote a lot of things together and then segregated it into different labels. I know I exhaust myself doing these complex stuff but to be honest this is how I like it. It is for sure time consuming.

For me, I know for a fact that I should indulge myself into simpler thing but my mind believes that complex things give better results, which I know is not true. But who is Vaibhavi if she accepts that she’s wrong in the first go? 🤭

I have posted 10 Blog posts in January so far and hence the blog name. If you have missed any of them, here are links to all the them with their names. You can choose to read whatever interests you.

Happy New Year 2022. ✨

7 Goals For 2022.

Bhairavi weds Pritesh. 🤝🏻 #ThrowbackTuesday.

Sameer Weds Chaitali. 🤝🏻 Throwback Tuesday.

An Insider To Life And Leisure, More Of Achivements. ❤️

Shirdi – The Sacred Space🌹Part 1.

Shirdi – The Sacred Space🌹Part 2.

Goals For The Week. 15 Jan – 22 Jan.

Happy Birthday To Life & Leisure. 🥳

I Tried Intraday And This Is How It Went. 🥴

I hope that you have liked reading everything that I have posted so far. If you are a blogger and want me to go through any of your specific posts, please let me know in the comments and I will be happy to give it a read.
I am always up for reading new content and supporting my fellow bloggers because right now I am struggling on supporting the community.

Also, it’s been a nutty day with prep work for a blog post that I have to publish ahead and I totally forgot to schedule today’s blog post, I’m so sorry.

I am obviously learning along the way because it is for the first time that I am doing a full time job, review skincare for brands and also do blogging.

One of my friend recently asked me if I start writing a blog and finish it completely, the answer to this is a big NOO!!! I don’t have the super powers to finish a blog in one go although I have done that quite a lot of times but I cannot do that regularly. I like to write bits and pieces and then save it in my Google notes, I literally name them as a bits and pieces. After I am done writing those, I will go ahead and curate one big post and that’s how I publish it.

Writing isn’t genuinely a problem but what’s difficult is hitting that publish button after I am done writing and reading my blog hundreds of times. I sometimes feel that nobody would interact with my blog and all efforts will go in vain, which is not true as I am proved wrong by all the lovely people that choose to like and take a moment to comment on it. ❤️

I will not hit that publish button unless and until my blog looks a specific way. I am very diligent about the spellings, grammar and even the punctuations. I read my blog alone and then I also read it to my mother to see how would it sound like when you guys read it.

I am an extrovert and talking to people comes very naturally to me. I feel like I over talk sometimes and that can be one of the reason why people dislike me. It somewhere hurts when I think about it but this is how I am and this is exactly what my blog is like. Also, at times it is the circumstances that make you what you are. Anyways, I am digressing from the topic. Sorry!

Also, I wanted to share something that I went through in November and at first I wasn’t going to post about it but now that I have completed Blogmas 2021 and have started posting regular stuff, I am okay sharing it. It’s definitely not a good news but it is also something that I did not want to post about during Blogmas, so here I am sharing it with you now.

I lost all my notes from 16th of October to 16th of November that I saved for Blogmas. Like an entire month’s of notes were completely gone, only god knows how it did not sync with my email and in the middle of November I realised that I am totally screwed. I wrote so many bits and pieces like I always do as I was planning to do a proper 25 days of posting.

I had two options with me at that point of time, either to not do Blogmas at all or to start all over again. Not doing Blogmas wasn’t an option I wanted to choose because I want to continue doing this and starting all over again meant headache. My mother and Mayank gave me the motivation to write and do at least 12 Days of Blogmas.

Hundreds of thoughts were running in my mind and I lost all my will to write when I discovered it but God helped me.

That is all for today’s blog guys! I have litreally typed more than a thousand words and I am tired. Let me get back to work, see you soon.

Until then, byee!!! ❤️

I Tried Intraday And This Is How It Went. ðŸ¥´

Welcome back to Life & Leisure. ✨

Another day in my life blog but rather a quick and short one. Today, it is not only about achievements and happiness but also about a small failure, which is a perfect example of knowing that everybody has their fair share of ups and downs. Be it in real life or reel.

This whole thing feels maddening to me as I will be working 7 days a week. Yes!!! I know it is too much but I did take too many leaves in this month and I have to make up for it. I resumed back to work on last Thursday and I will directly be taking an off on Friday. So it is basically 7 days of work then 1 off and then again 6 days of work, so on.

If you’ve read my Goals For The Week. 15th Jan to 22nd Jan blog you would know that I want to get back on track with my work. I might have found a way to love my work but I can’t share it right now or unless and until I am absolutely sure about it. The only thing I can tell you now is that I have survived 4 days at work non stop and did not complain.

In fact, I am in the middle of my shift as I post this blog. I have taken a break and that’s when I am typing this. Honestly I like it, the hustle. Right now I am planning to do overtime as well, at least for the month of January because I have something in mind for the month of March and so I need to save up for it.

But now let me also tell you what did I goof up.

Today I did some trading using Zerodha. I was meaning to do this from quite some time now but I was afraid of the losses. Today I added 5k to my demat account with the intention to earn some profit. At this point, I am just hoping to make profit because the amount really doesn’t matter. It can be anything but something as something is better than nothing.

I did trade in HDFC Bank and first made a profit of 180/- which I know isn’t a lot but for a newbie it is nice but that’s not when things went wrong. I was all happy about the fact that I was about to make 180/- within like 5 minutes and then I traded again maybe I was thinking emotionally about HDFC Bank at that time. And when I did, I lost all the 180/- that I previously got and also lost additional 30/-. Wow! What a trade to start but I am glad I tried.

9:27 a.m.

I know 30/- is not a lot but I need to be cautious next time. However, I am glad that I started and this is what my experience was. If I earnt a lot of profit today, I would have thought that it is okay to trade with 0 zero info about the numbers but now that I have made a loss, I will be more aware.

Note :- I am at a learning stage and this blog post is not all to force you to trade.

That is all that happened today to be honest and I was sleeping the rest of day, so there is nothing much to share but I wanted to put out this little info just in case if it helps anybody. 🤷🏻‍♀️ My numbers and your numbers would differ but what matters is, the intention of sharing so that you don’t go through a loss.

See you soon. Until then, bye!!! ❤️

Happy Birthday To Life & Leisure. ðŸ¥³

Welcome back to Life & Leisure. ✨

Yaaaaayyyyy!!! My blog turned 3.

I can’t believe that I have completed 3 years on this platform. I remember randomly starting a blog in 2016 and posting a bunch of stuff every month. I used to write and promote my blog so much back in the day, it was crazy!!

Due of some personal reasons I deleted my Instagram as well as my blog before. But later my bestest friend Mayank insisted me to start a blog again. If you don’t know who Mayank is, checkout this blog – To The Friends That Turned Into Family and you shall know how much he means to me. I can never thank him enough for what he has done for me.

I started another blog, Life & Leisure – the one that you are reading right now and that’s when I realised that I liked blogging in general and I am happy to say that I enjoy blogging. I love the overall experience, my own website, fellow bloggers and sharing my life’s bits and pieces with you.

Because of my blog and so much advanced social media, I get to see and work with so many incredible talented people / creators. They inspire me and also have an impact on the way I think about putting up content on my blog. Some people put out videos every single day, some 5 days a week or even one. But every single person is right at their own place and takes efforts to growing their profiles.

I think I have said it but let me say this one more time because what’s the harm anyway?! The more I write – the more I post and the more I post – the more I write, it’s literally a complete cycle and I have started to like to paddle it.

A big fat THANK YOU to everyone who clicks on the links I share, likes and even comments on my blog. If you have done it even once, it means the absolute world to me. ❤️

I am really excited for my fourth year of blogging. Again, Happy Birthday to Life & Leisure.


Goals For The Week. 15 Jan – 22 Jan.

Welcome back to Life and Leisure. ✨

I was talking to a friend a while ago and told him what my plan was for the week in terms of writing.

What I realised is that, I have set a couple of goals for myself this week, starting today and I will be tracking my progress too. What better than making a commitment online and sticking to my goals?! So I made a blog post about it. 🤭

I actually wanted to post another blog packed with information but I woke up pretty late today and did not feel like completing it in a rush. I am planning to post a blog that is going to have everything from ‘How to reach Shirdi’ to ‘What to do in Shirdi’ to ‘Where to stay’ to ‘Where to eat’ etc, and that means it is going to be super long. I need some time to write everything in details and also add appropriate links wherever required.

I may or may not be able to post a blog tomorrow but that is only because I will be working on the upcoming one.

I did not push myself today because I want these daily uploads on my blog to be enjoyable as it is for you. Everyday the first thought is to take a pen and paper and write something for you guys. Everytime I type something or read it out loud, I feel like I am talking to some of my friends in real life.

Special thanks to Saurabh, Siddesh, Bhairavi, Shiv, Akshay for your constant love, comments, your suggestions have honestly become one of the things I look forward to when I hit that publish button. Thank you for becoming my internet family too. ❤️

Now coming to the main part of the blog, which I am sure you guys are excited to know about.


Source: Pinterest

The first goal for this week is to write down all the random thoughts I have and forget about it after I am done writing. I also want to sit and write for an hour straight not just to create content but also to relax myself.


Source: Pinterest

I can’t believe that I am willing to see the sunrise everyday because I am more of a sunset person. I think I read somewhere that watching sunrise fills you up with positive energy. I remember watching sunrise and praying every day while I was in college as I used to travel by train.
Fortunately, now I don’t even have to go anywhere to watch the sun rise, I can simply stand in my balcony and achieve this goal. So with that said, I am going to wake up every morning for a week to watch the sunrise.


I have noticed that I drink a lot of tea on an everyday basis and by the time I am done with my shift, I see around 4 to 5 cups of tea lying around besides me. I will be taking conscious efforts to reduce my tea consumption. I stopped having tea completely back in 2019, when I thought it triggered my anxiety and I will also do that now before tea takes a toll on my mental and physical health.


Source : Zerodha Varsity app

I have downloaded the Zerodha Varsity courses to learn the basics of stock market, so I am looking forward to completing it in this week. Also, I will be on a hunt of some other interesting online courses. The goal is to try and enroll for as many courses as I can till May 2022.

5. MY JOB.

Last but definitely not the least, the goal for this week is to find a way to love the job I have.

I hope that I will be able to achieve these small goals that I have set for myself without bothering myself much. I will be tracking my progress and by the end of next week, I will also share it on my blog as hits or miss.

See you soon, until then bye!! ❤️

Shirdi – The Sacred Space🌹Part 2.

Welcome back to Life and Leisure. ✨

Thank you for coming back for part 2 of the Shirdi blogs. So in this blog post I will tell you what I did after the Sai Teerth Theme Park till my last day in Shirdi.

After an amazing experience at the theme park, it was almost 3:00 p.m. and I was not exhausted but little tired so I decided to come back to my hotel room and rest a bit because in the evening I wanted to go out and roam.

Also one thing about being a Google Maps reviewer, it gives me a boost to click pictures I would usually be too shy to take. I wanted to take a lot of pictures of everything / everywhere I go, so that it would help somebody in some way.

In the evening, I went out and did some shopping near the Mandir itself. The reason being that I did not want to waste time after my Darshan.

By the time I finished everything it was time for dinner and I went to Sai Amrut. It was so chilly that I got some manchow soup to feel bit better.

After roaming a bit more I came back and did a little Instagram story session because I did not upload anything the whole day.

The next morning I went to Sai Heritage Village as I was curious to see the old Shirdi. There were statues that portrayed how things used to be back in the day. I remember seeing something similar to this but better in Kolhapur and this was okay too, considering the price you pay.

Information about the statues are mentioned right besides it.

I also enjoyed a small roller coaster ride that showed me the little village from above. I loved the magic show but I completely blanked out on taking pictures / videos of it as I got too busy watching the guy do his tricks.

While coming back from the village, I went to the Sai Baba Bhakta Niwas to check out their accommodation facilities. I will talk more about it in the blog that’s coming up later, and you surely don’t want to miss it out because it is packed with crazy bunch of information about Shirdi.

It was my second last day in Shirdi and my mother insisted me to eat at the Prasadalaya and I couldn’t deny. I wanted to eat here at least once and so I did. While coming back to the hotel, I spotted yet another great restaurant and the juice counter did attract me. I had a watermelon juice at Hotel Abhishek.

But you know what, I felt very thrilling so I also had a chocolate milkshake at Sai Amrut, lol. I knew I was about to come home so even if I fell sick, I knew I would be taken care of.

Last day in Shirdi was for the Darshan, I book my ticket online and was supposed to be there in the queue at 6 a.m. but this little lazy girl couldn’t get out of her cosy bed because it was so freaking cold outside, I chose to sleep. Finally I had to get out of my bed because I wanted my Darshan to be smooth and calming. It was litreally done within 10 minutes.

ॐ साई राम.

There is honestly different kind of energy that you will experience if you visit this Temple.

A pure bliss! ✨

I have been going to Shirdi since I was a child as it is one of the religious places in Maharashtra. I believe around 25,000 to 30,000 people visit Shirdi everyday is what I have read online and on Thursdays even 50,000.

The time when you are in the Darshan lane while you wait to get closer to the Inner Temple (Gabhara) is literally when you feel like you are getting closer to God. You start feeling positive even if you know that you are just going to be close to him for 2 minutes.

I got a little emotional this time while I was in the Darshan lane as this was the first time ever I went to Shirdi without my family and also because we went through a very difficult time in this one and a half year. But now, I feel very much relaxed and refreshed.

Ending this blog on a positive note. Here’s a picture of the temple from the outside.

Do wait for my upcoming blog as I am trying to put out as much as information as possible in one blog, so that you don’t have to Google each and every thing separately. Also, wish me luck because I am about to publish something that’s not my forte. 🤞🏻

Until then, bye!!

Shirdi – The Sacred Space🌹Part 1.

Welcome back to Life and Leisure. ✨

This blog post is super special to me because this is something I have never done before. I travelled to Shirdi, without my family for the first time ever and I will be writing a travel blog, again for the first time ever. This was in my list of goals for 2022 and I am glad that I am able to tick it off in the first month itself.

Proper ‘What to’, ‘Where to’, ‘How to’ Blog coming up super soon.

My whole Shirdi trip / blog will be divided in parts because it would be hard for me to write everything in one blog and I really don’t want you guys to get bored of reading as well.

DISCLAIMER :- This blog or my trip is not sponsored by anybody or by any means. I have spent my own sweet time to do my research, gather information, spent my own money and took whole lot of efforts for this one trip.

The reason I decided to go to Shirdi is because I was feeling quite low and almost lost the will to work. My behaviour was slowly turning me into someone that I am not, so I wanted to get out of that zone and relax my mind. Going to a villa isn’t always a good idea because you do the same thing over and over again.

Also, I chose Shirdi because I was meaning to go there from a while. I have always loved to go there as a child and even now. I believe it’s been over three years that I didn’t visit Shirdi.

The moment I thought about the destination, I knew how I wanted to go. I looked up for some travels online to book my tickets. There were morning and night buses, mostly everybody decides to travel in the night, so that they get to sleep but I chose a morning one because I wanted to reach there in daylight.

This was my OOTD, super casual and comfy.

Ignore my messy hair though.

I reached Shirdi around 5 p.m. and I started hotel hunting right away. I wanted a hotel that would be close to the Mandir, so I could step out whenever I wanted. Also, I wanted a very safe option and being around the temple is the safest in my opinion.

I spent almost two hours before deciding the place I wanted to stay at. After finally getting the hotel that I wanted, I decided to rest a bit because I had gotten cold. It was very chilling after Kasara you guys!!

At around 8:00 p.m., I went to check some amazing restaurants that I will be sharing with you guys throughout the blog.

DISCLAIMER :- If you click on the places mentioned in blue, you will be directed to each of their Google Map’s page. So that you can check it out properly.

My aim with finding restaurants was of course the affordability, taste and I wanted it to be accessible to all. On the very first day, I decided to get a thali, which is generally too much for me but I took a Punjabi thali at Sai Darbar Food Court.

After my heavy dinner, I roamed around a bit to check what things I would like and places I can go to throughout my stay in Shirdi. I also went to a local medical to get some Vicks for myself, otherwise the cold would have gotten to me at night.

In the morning, I planned on going to a place that excited me when I read about it online. I knew it would be a lot of walking for me as it was 1 km away from where I stayed, so I wanted to have a heavy breakfast that would keep me full till the afternoon.

While hotel hunting, I spotted Sadhana Chulivarchi Misal the other day and I knew the right option for my breakfast. Sadhana misal is quite famous in Nashik and is very much hyped as well.

After my heavy breakfast at Sadhana, I walked a bit and reached Sai Teerth Theme Park. I was amazed by how beautiful and clean the place was. Everybody was taking pictures / videos and mostly everybody was talking about how mesmerizing the view was. Sai Teerth Theme Park is India’s first ever devotional theme park and I wanted to support it in all the ways I could. I am always here to support and promote such things, especially if it’s going to be so informative and exciting.

I check their website before visiting for the pass, however I decided to take the pass at the counter itself rather than online. I took a COMBO PACK with all 4 shows at a discounted price.

For detailed reviews of places mentioned in the blog, CLICK HERE.

There are 2 more blogs that I am planning to post for Shirdi, as of now I am taking your leave. I hope you enjoyed reading this because I loved my time in Shirdi, for me it was such a feeling of awe and wonder.

Bye! ❤️

An Insider To Life And Leisure, More Of Achivements. â¤ï¸

Welcome back to Life and Leisure. ✨

This blog was not planned one but rather a spontaneous thought. You can consider this as an insider kind of a blog where I tell you what goes in my mind / notes before posting one blog on Life and Leisure.

I am someone who likes everything in a sequence and the blog that I am about to post tomorrow is a very recent one, so I wanted to load all the bits and pieces of content before I post that on my blog and Google Maps too.

Also, I wanted to have a casual conversation like how I would do it with a friend and tell you how I am managing things, is it difficult for me, am I liking it, etc.

Today’s morning was specifically for Google Maps and I posted a bunch of reviews over there, which were pending from a lot of time. I had everything written down on papers so it was easy for me to type it and post it.

Here’s a link to my Google Maps profile – click here.

I feel so relaxed because I know that people are going to be considering my review before visiting a place. It feels like my opinion is taken into consideration by somebody who I don’t even know. I achieved Level 6 and Level 7 on Google Maps last year and I am trying to achieve the next one super soon. 🤞🏻


New achivement for Google Maps this month is,

500 and counting.

Can you believe that my reviews now have over 500 likes?!? Oh my God! And as I type this blog, it has reached 568. I am so glad that I continue to post reviews on Google Maps irrespective of the fun that my friends make of me. I am honestly so grateful for this.

The reason why I posted reviews today is because I have another whole host of reviews pending from my recent trip. I just wanted to make sure that there are no pending reviews from my end before posting the new ones.

The blog about the same will also go up tomorrow, which I am so excited for. In fact, I was not going to post anything today but I would be lying if I say that I am not addicted to sharing every little detail of my life with you all through my blogs. Honestly, I just want to be as transparent as I can because the genuine exchange of energy is working well for me, my blog and my mental health.

There is so much that goes unattended and doesn’t make it to my blog but is still happening in my life, slowly and steadily I am gathering the courage to share everything on this platform. Just so you know that you and I, we both hustlers.

Also, thank you for showering so much love on my wedding content and if you still haven’t read it yet. What are you waiting for? Here’s a link, do read. ☺️

Sameer Weds Chaitali. 🤝🏻 Throwback Tuesday.

Bhairavi Weds Pritesh. 🤝🏻 Throwback Tuesday.

Also, with this regular posting, I think I will see a difference in my number game as well. I started posting regularly since December as I did Blogmas 2021 and I didn’t really think of making a note of my numbers (likes, comment and follows) before Blogmas because as it’s a popular belief that Blogmas does help in numbers a lot. I will make sure that I make a note of it before new month. I think I have gained 10 new followers since December.

My most popular blog for December 2021 has been Announcement For Blogmas 2021. 🎀 and the least viewed so far has been Day In My Life – 22nd December. 🎀 Blogmas Day 9.. This one needs your support guys, please do share it with your friends and family.

Also, I noticed that Life and Leisure has completed 10k views overall. I absolutely cannot believe this, trust me! My blog is a platform where I just talk about anything and everything that comes to my mind, it gives me so much pleasure to know that you guys are actually reading what I put out on the internet. ❤️

So grateful. 🤞🏻

Last but not the least, I am so so so excited (little nervous too) for tomorrow’s blog and the ones after because they are going to be filled with information, I have tried to gather as much as information as I could from my end and I may or may not tick off 1 goal of 2022 with tomorrow’s blog. 🤞🏻

Until then, byyeee!!!

Sameer Weds Chaitali. 🤝🏻 Throwback Tuesday.

Welcome back to Life and Leisure. ✨

Another Tuesday and yet another Throwback blog from December 2021. As you know that I attended Bhairavi’s wedding in December, I also attended Sameer’s wedding on 27th December and I want to share it with you guys.

A big thank you to Sameer’s family for being so welcoming and warm. ❤️

I was excited for Sameer’s wedding as he is one of my closest friends at work. He had invited me since they got engaged and I of course wanted to be a part of his special day.

We are yet to listen to Sameer’s love story but I am sure we will have a nice conversation about that when we go for an outing. I am already so excited to spend time with the newly added friends in the group.

We went to his Haldi on 26th December and his family forced us to have dinner, which is generally non veg and I enjoyed it. His mother was introducing us to each and everybody in the family with such enthusiasm because she was so happy that her son was about to get married the next day.

By the time we reached, the ceremony was over but we did apply Haldi to Sameer as we were there for it. He was so excited about everything that was happening and it was quite evident from his smile.

Look at his smile you guys, trust me he was so excited.
He was constantly smiling.
And not just for pictures, okay?!

We stayed at Bhairavi’s place, so we could go to Sameer’s wedding early, however, we reached the venue little late then we were supposed to because nobody had the correct address. We reached 10-15 minutes late and straight away went to the Pani Puri counter. 🤭 We had some delicious starters and gossiped a lot about how handsome Sameer was looking with that Kurta and all.

Our friend Abhay also joined us later that day.

After the main wedding ceremony and before the reception, they had their entries.
Oh my goodness their entry was WONDERFUL that afternoon! It was such a perfect day and a perfect moment for both Sameer and Chaitali. Everyone gathered and were taking pictures / videos because the vibe during that moment was just amazing! We were having lunch before their entry and my meal was interrupted but that was absolutely worth it.

Isn’t it the most beautiful thing you’ve seen today?!

After that, we took pictures with the newly wed couple, Chaitali seemed to be very happy go lucky kinda girl. I instantly felt warm when we met her for the first time on her wedding day. We haven’t received the pictures from the photographer yet, so please accept the selfie as of now.

I wore this beautiful blue dress and did minimal makeup. I loved how it turned out, simple yet pretty.

Tell me in the comments if you think I’m actually learning to do makeup these days!

Special mention for this cutie, Sapna. ❤️

She was so innocent that she literally started crying on the Haldi day because Sameer was about to get married the next day. Actually I made her cry, lol! But we gelled up pretty quickly than I expected, his cousins were also great and we had so much fun together.

She was the sweetest! ❤️

This wedding has definitely awakened and renewed relationships in their families as most of his relatives I believe, stay close to each other yet far. And for Maharashtrian people, weddings mean that we just want to gather and spread cheer, that’s exactly what all of us did.

I hope you enjoyed this wedding blog. Another great one is coming up your way super soon. Until then, bye! ❤️

Bhairavi weds Pritesh. 🤝🏻 #ThrowbackTuesday.

Welcome back to Life and Leisure. ✨

This blog post is yet another Throwback blog from December 2021. I attended one of my closest friend’s wedding last month and ofcourse I had to share it with you guys. Enjoyyyy!

A quick appreciation for Bhairavi. ❤️

Before even I start to tell you how much fun we had during her wedding, I really want to appreciate Bhairavi for making such amazing arrangements for all of us. Bhairavi and her family has literally taken care of us like we were a part of them.

The reason I am saying this is because she made sure that we had a safe place to stay, delicious food to eat and everything else that we needed during those 3 days.

The first ceremony was Mehendi and she insisted that we all apply henna on our hands. Also, look how she was smiling the whole time. Her excitement. Oh God!

Look at that excitement!

This is what my design looked like, simple yet pretty. I loved it and after applying henna Saurabh pampered me so much. He was literally helping me with my hair, phone, makeup and dealt with all my tantrums. Ofcourse he was pissed at one point but do I care? No 🤭

I love images like this one because it tells a story without saying anything, you know?!

I’m sorry for uploading this. 🤭

In the evening we had Haldi, which is one of the pre-wedding ceremonies in India. Turmeric (haldi) is applied to both the bride and groom before the wedding.

Bhairavi is genuinely a simple girl, she preferred all simple makeup and kurti for haldi and mind you she looked gorgeous! 😍

Before Haldi.

This is our group photo which is little blur I know but all that matters right now is how happy we were when it was captured.

The wedding was on 28 December 2021, a much awaited day for Bhairavi and both the families. It is indeed one of the best and most important days in her life. The wedding was just like any other Maharashtrian wedding with everybody dressed up gorgeously. She wanted everybody to wear a ‘Nauvari’ saree, which is an astonishing versatility of a saree in India.

This is what Bhairavi wore for the wedding.

I did not have a Nauvari so I chose to wear a normal six yard saree instead. To be honest I only have two sarees and I selected this one so I wouldn’t have to carry any jewelry with me while travelling.

Thanks to your aunt, Sameer.

I quite like how it turned out considering the fact that somebody just helped me drape it in 5 minutes.

This is the only group photo that we have with the busy girl and that too it’s a selfie. Can you imagine how busy a girl can get during her wedding? Be prepared girls, be prepared!

The so called ‘Navra Bayko’ pose ft. Akshay. Guys we are not dating, it’s just a fun picture that we clicked. And the laughter that followed after this picture was crazzyyy!

How can I forget to post pictures with my favourite person, thanks for always pushing me forward in all aspects of my life whether personal or professional. And thank you for clicking all my beautiful pictures too, I hope you know you aren’t allowed to take anybody else’s pictures?!

My face got blurred, probably because I was trying to hold my laugh.
This is my favourite picture of us. ❤️

Also, little bit about Bhairavi’s family.

Her family was so welcoming, especially her parents. Her mother litreally treated me like a younger one and her father was so chill during the whole time. Her elder sister was really cute with a touch bit of sassyness. Her uncle aunties were also great to talk to and we were joking around all the time, and I think they liked our company too.

I loved Veena’s attitude, she’s Bhairavi’s sister and a professor in Somaiya College, she was also great to talk to and just her overall personality is something that I liked the most.

Bharti Tai was also a gem and she was very kind to me throughout these 3 days that we were there.

Sushma maushi also took care of us in terms of food and everything in general. She always went an extra mile for us, not as a guest but as a family.

Santosh mama and Alka mami were also so chill. Her mami was so much lively and just a nice person in general. We had some nice conversations with her as well.

And a special mention for a special girl, Disha. ❤️

We absolutely gelled up with Disha (Bhairavi’s cousin). In fact, we all felt like we know Disha since months at this point. We were so chill together and had so much of crazy conversations and even crazier laughter.

This is what this girl made me do. 🤦🏻‍♀️
Just another ‘Chotu’ helping me with my hair. 🤭

I hope I was able to do justice to all the events that happened and I am so glad that we decided to go to her wedding. My heart is just so happy now. ❤️

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7 Goals For 2022.

Welcome back to Life and Leisure. This blog is something that I was meaning to post from a long time now, December 2021 to be precise. But me being me I did not draft it but guys here I am.

I believe that without goals you lack focus and direction. And for me setting goals not only allows me to take control of my life’s direction but at the same time it provides me with a benchmark to see whether I am actually achieving it or not.

I will be sharing my top 7 goals for 2022 in this blog post, let me know in the comments what are your goals for 2022. Also just in case if you have any strategies let me know about that as well. Without wasting any much time on the intro let’s get started.


I remember posting 8 blogs a month back in the day when I started blogging but because I didn’t post anything as much in 2021 till Blogmas, I have decided to keep it one blog a month. Let me start off by the small number so I can mentally prepare myself and then slowly increase the number of blogs that I post in a month.

Source : Pinterest


I will consciously be taking efforts for reducing my plastic usage. I don’t mind going out for running errands carrying a paper bag in my hand. I am absolutely okay with it rather I would take a lot of proud doing that. I have always been that person who doesn’t like to litter around and this will be just another step I take towards keeping everything nice around me.

Source : Less Plastic

3. BE FIT.

You all see me as a skinny person and for the longest time I have been meaning to gain weight. Somehow I might have gained weight which is great but it’s a little weird.
It has got nothing to do with how it looks but rather how I feel. I am not liking the fats, I know it’s mainly because of the junk I eat. So the goal for 2022 is not just to gain weight but also be fit.

Source : Pinterest


I want to travel and explore more places every single month but ofcourse in a budget. I am not someone who’d just splurge because it’s cool, I will also keep in mind my financial state and think twice if that would give me a dent in terms of money. I also want to keep in mind to explore places that can be affordable for a lot of people that follow me, so that I can share it you all.

Source : Pinterest

With this travel goal, I have something on the same lines for travel but just a tad bit different.


I want to write one whole blog about my travel or travelling in a budget. I really haven’t thought about it properly but I am planning on doing that someday in 2022. As one of my Blog about Pune worked out really well for me.

I am not sure at this point but I would love to travel a lot and also give as much information as possible through my blog. I know I am not the right person to do this but I would still like to try it once (just once).


I have a very special trip in my mind with my favourite people and I absolutely see myself achieving this goal in 2022. I saw Saurabh’s video from 2018-19 and I knew that I wanted to do that for sure. I am using a picture from Pinterest for reference right now but in Blogmas 2022, I want to use my picture instead (hopefully).

Source: Pinterest


It’s been over a year that I am working at this organisation that I have a love-hate relationship with. I would love to get a promotion or maybe a nice salary hike. I don’t mind taking those extra efforts if I know that I will be rewarded at the end of the day, and if I get a chance I am not going to let that opportunity slide.

Source: Pinterest

This year I have only set goals that I am actually passionate about. I want my goals to be MY GOALS and not something that’s been copied from somebody else because I think it’s cool. Apart from this particular 7, I have a couple of miscellaneous goals that I want to achieve but I have not mentioned it right now. Don’t worry, I will keep on updating you as and when they are achieved.

Let me know which one would you apply for yourself?

All the content is original and mine. (Vaibhavi Mirkute) The picture credits for all the images used are mentioned just below the pictures. Do share this post and show your appreciation. ❤️

Happy New Year 2022.ʉϬ

Welcome to a new chapter on Life and Leisure. ✨ Also, Happy New Year to you and your loved ones. Sending love, light and good energy to all of you. We have survived through tough times and I am sure that 2022 will be great too.

I started my new year on a very sweet note and had some pancakes, which by the way is my favourite thing to have these days. I hope that 2022 will also be a very sweet year, full of opportunities and hope.

I am not making this blog any longer as I know you want to celebrate this new year but one humble request, please turn the notifications for my blog as I am planning on posting a bunch of blogs for you guys in this year.

Thank you for always supporting my blog. Again, HAPPY NEW YEAR! ✨❤️

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Throwback Thursday – Day In My Life.

Hey guys! Welcome back to Life & Leisure. This is my first blog post after Blogmas 2021 and the thing is, I didn’t write it today.

Guess who wrote a blog post, edited, saved it in drafts and forgot to post it? 🤷🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️

This is like a Throwback blog that I am posting from last week I guess, not sure. But I am sure that you’ll enjoy as I am about to share another place that I absolutely love.

I woke up without setting up an alarm, which is such a great feeling. I sat in the bed looking at my phone like I always do in the morning. After lazy lazy morning I finally decided to get out of the bed and get some things done.

Later in the afternoon I decided to go to Shawarmaji’s Shawarma with Saurabh. It is hands down one of my favourite places to have Shawarmas at. I have shared so many pictures on my Instagram and also spoken about Shawarmaji in the past because they are so good.

Look at that chicken they have put up. 😍

From a normal food truck to over 7 – 8 franchises was definitely not an easy job but they make it feel so seamless. I remember going to Vasant Vihar the other day and the crowd was crazyyy!!

They have earned it in true sense.

Anyways what I had was, Chilli Milli Chicken Salad, Chicken Tikka Pizza, Peach Iced Tea and a Custard.

And here’s how my Salad looked like, it was so filling and full of tasty sauces but it was very much spicy too as the name suggests.

Look at the pizza you guys, it looks nice and tastes even nicer.

Look at this up close. 🤤
Look at that cheese pull. 👀

I believe that they have recently launched their Peach Iced Tea and I had to try it out. It would be safe to say that I might re-purchase it again and again. The first sip itself felt great because the sun was right about our heads and we were completely exhausted at that point. A refreshing drink was much needed at that time and an Iced Tea did an absolutely fantastic job.

I also got some Custard but rather chose to give it to Saurabh because I’m not a big fan of sweets. I tasted it but don’t have any specific thing to share about it as I haven’t tried any Custard before, so I can’t compare. But you can try it yourself as it is very very affordable.

While clicking this picture, I was sad because I was confused whether or not I wanted to have that Custard, lol!

Just in case, you want to visit this one, click here for directions but if it’s far away from where you are, don’t worry Shawarmaji has got you covered. Here is a list of their outlets, just click which ever place is near to you and it will directly direct you to their Google Maps.

Shawarmaji Vasant Vihar, Thane

Shawarmaji Hariniwas Circle, Thane.

Shawarmaji Thane Station (West).

Shawarmaji Hirnandani Estate, Thane.

Shawarmaji Cypress, Mulund West.

Shawarmaji Malad West.

Shawarmaji Kandivali East.

That’s all for today you guys, let’s catch up super super soon as I have some wedding content planned up, which I am so excited for.

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MERRY CHRISTMAS. 🎄❤️ Blogmas Day 12.


It’s THE DAY. Finally it’s the 25th and the last week of the year.

This is my last blog for Blogmas 2021. I just planned it last month with no blogs ready and now I have successfully posted 12 blogs. I know, 12 isn’t a lot but I have a tragic story to share, maybe I will share it later in January.

I wanted this blog to be short because I want you guys to enjoy. ❤️ See you soon.

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Day In My Life – 24th December. 🦩 Blogmas Day 11.

Heyyy guys! Welcome back to Day 11 of Blogmas. Just 2 days of posting more and I complete Blogmas 2021. Yaaayyy!!

Also first of all, thank you so much for giving so much of love on my recent blog Day In My Life. 🎀 . I know commenting on a blog can be irritating but still I got a nice response. Loveddd reading the comments on the blog and I am planning to post more in the future as well.

And, here’s one of them. Enjoyyyy!

So the day started with a nice long shower which I belive I have not taken since ages at this point. I was in the shower for almost an hour, just playing with hot water which felt so relaxing.

Later in the morning, I went for a nice ride with one of my friend and he surprised me by taking me to Thane Creek Flamingo Sanctuary.

First I really had no clue where we were headed to and when I actually found out, I was so excited to see those beautiful Flamingos up close. We reached around 9 / 9.15 am as it starts at 9 am. We took our tickets, we opted for the basic ones that were at 50/- ($0.70 roughly).

You can book your tickets accordingly.

They gave us this pamplet which was little informative.

Look how cute these are.

There were a lot of couples who came along with their kids for the boat ride, which is also a great option if you want to see the birds up close.

We walked on this super cute but sturdy bridge, that let us to this spot that is close to where the flamingos generally are. However, today there were no flamingos this side. 😔 But that’s okay, it was not in our hands but we did see couple of flocks just flying. They really seemed to be happy just being in the air.

While walking on the bridge, we saw so many different creatures. Don’t forget to look around.
This is the place where we stood.

This is how far they were.

While coming back we went to this compact place that had some information about the Marine Life and Mangrove Life in general. That whole experience was very informative and I have taken a lot of pictures that I have uploaded on my Google Maps.

Do visit this as it’s very informative.

I came back home, rested and finally wrote this blog. I am so excited for tomorrow as it’s my week off, I don’t have any plans at the moment but I think I know where I should go tomorrow. The place is in my head but I am just figuring it out right now. I will try to make it fruitful and also post a blog about it.

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Heart to heart. 🎀 Blogmas Day 10.

Welcome back to Day 10 of Blogmas 2021.

Today I did nothing really as I was feeling bit under the weather. I woke up this morning and was feeling a bit naahhh! I mean I really don’t know why but I suddenly re-collected something I had gone through which was very difficult for me. And now when I look back at it, I do see how many troubled waters God had made me come out of. I have come out of tough situations time after time and I exactly know who is behind it.

I don’t encourage false positivity. Be sad when you’re sad. Cry if you must. Be angry if you are. Let it out. Then let it go. Honor your emotions but always choose to dwell on the positive ones.

Anyways, I did shop from Nykaa to feel little better and also spent a lot of time reading blogs, liking and commenting on the posts of fellow bloggers.

It’s always a nice feeling to see when people are engaging with your posts, especially fellow bloggers. There are so many things that can happen when you start engaging in other content. Although even if it’s just a simple like, it means a lot to me when I sit and check how the post performed.

Also, I am planning to implement one habit henceforth and that is to take about 15 minutes and read other posts related to mine. I aim to like at least 5-10 posts and leave some comments (if possible).

It will not just increase the number of likes on their posts but also boost their confidence. Also, being active in the writing community (as it was one of my goal for 2021) and engaging with other bloggers can be a great way to indirectly promote your blog and drive in some new traffic.

Huge shoutout to Shelly from Growing With Spawn for always engaging on my posts with her thoughtful comments. She started commenting on my posts around last year and has encouraged me a lot during Blogmas. I am really sorry Shelly that I wasn’t able to reciprocate but I promise I am planning to engage with as much as content as I can.

To end this blog on a positive note, I wanted to share a few insights of my Google Maps which is also blooming. Touchwood! I am planning to share the insights on my blog as well here after. If you haven’t checked my Google Maps profile yet, click here.

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Day In My Life – 22nd December. 🎀 Blogmas Day 9.

Hello guys, welcome back to Blogmas Day 9.
As promised, I am back again with another Day in my Life blog. I am sure you like reading this as much as I like writing about my day.

Today’s day was more of a chill day, I woke up pretty late and spontaneously decided to watch a movie. Actually we were meaning to watch a new Marathi film from so long, I just had to watch it in the theatre.

We went to Cinepolis at Grand Central Mall.

This is by the way the second movie I watched after lockdown. It feels so nice to actually go to a theatre and those vibes are just 🤌🏻 I am honestly so tired of looking at my mobile screen every now and then. I am planning to go to 83 and Jersey as well once they release.

I went to watch Jhimma, which is an all girls / ladies film. There is nothing much about the movie that I want to share because you should watch it too. Just head to your nearest theatres if you understand Marathi and even if you don’t, subtitles will have your back. It is a hilarious film by the way, every character has a different story to share.

Finally ended the day with some great ice-cream before starting work. To be honest, I start yawning since the time I get to my work station. 🤦🏻‍♀️ Is it just me? I am just a lazy person, who actually doesn’t want to work but just get salary on time (guilty not guilty)

Also, these days I am just enjoying but that doesn’t mean that I am like this throughout the year. There are so many low days too and I will be sharing those as well on my blog. This blog will never be a place where you feel you are missing out on something in life or I am more privileged than you are. No guys, I am just another normal girl.

I was always loved and pampered. But my mother always believed in making me independent. She always made me understand the importance of being independent, even though she has got my back.

And, I don’t know what’s in plate for tomorrow but I will definitely write a blog about it and post stories on my Instagram. Until then bubbye!

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Day In My Life. 🎀 Blogmas Day 8.

Hey guys welcome back to Blogmas Day 8. I am honestly loving the Week / Day in my Life kinda blogs because then I don’t have to stress myself much. I am planning to post these blogs till Day 12, so enjoyyy!

Today looked more like a running errands kinda day rather than resting. I had to go to the bank to do some important work and also got my passbook printed.

Are you also someone that likes to print everything in the passbook, I mean I know that I get my bank statements on mail or WhatsApp but I still prefer going to the bank and getting a printed copy of all my statements. Am I the only one or are you just like me? Feel absolutely free to comment and let me know.

Later in the afternoon, I also went to get some groceries that I wanted as I am craving for something from so long but that I will share in some other blog.

After a pretty hectic afternoon, I decided to treat myself with some good food. Because why not?!

And for that I decided to go to Coffee Culture.

I heard all good things about Coffee Culture earlier this month when one of my friend posted some stories and I HAD TO VISIT. Anyways me and one of my friend were in Thane, we went to Coffee Culture to see what’s the hype about.

And honestly,
I found it AMAZING!!!

The overall vibe was great!

They have a unique menu and the presentation just stole my heart. We ordered Cheese Corn Balls, Pizza Wich Non Veg, Unicorn Cappuccino and Ferroro Rocher Shake.

Cheese Corn Balls.
Pizza Wich Non Veg.
Unicorn Cappuccino.
Ferroro Rocher Shake.

Oh and here’s a fun story about the Unicorn Cappuccino, as you all know that I am not a big fan of coffee and I really did not know that there was no sugar in it. I tasted it and it was bitter. Urggg! This is my absolutely honest reaction, lol!

Look at my face. 🤭

However, I loved the Ferro Rocher Shake because it was delicious and the smoke effect was my favourite part of it. They have genuinely impressed me with the food and the overall vibes, that’s how it has made to my blog today.

My absolute favourite. ❤️

We did a lot of gossip together, had great food and clicked a lot of pictures as they had some amazing corners. I could not resist so I posted a couple of pictures in the stories on my Instagram earlier today. The day was well spent and I am happy about it.

Also, if you are interested they have a franchise in Kurla just in case if that’s close to you. Check it out here.

Typing this blog as I am heading back home to the normal life again. See you tomorrow.

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Am I Am Influencer? 🎀 Day 7 of Blogmas.

Hey guys! Welcome to Day 7 of Blogmas.

Today’s blog is going to be more of a rant and not what I generally post on my blog. The term ‘Influencer’ is being used by every single person on the interest these days and there are so many different reasons to it.

For me, sometimes when I sit back, relax and think about it – I get confused whether I am an influencer?! I have my own set of questions and thoughts for it, so brace yourself and read my rant.

Source : Google

When I started back in 2016, I remember blogging wasn’t even a thing. There were hardly any bloggers in India but now every other person on Instagram is a blogger, wow! Also, blogging has become a profitable online business and I hope that I’ll be able to monetize my blog soon for taking the benefits.

I want this blog to be an inspiration as well as a place where we feel that we all are equal and get through stuff together. Nobody is bigger / better than the other person, everybody is great in their own space and I appreciate that.

I want my blog posts to be live, I don’t want my readers to feel that they are just reading but rather feel that I am actually talking to them through my screen.

Hand on my heart, I always wanted to have a YouTube channel but never really got a chance to think about it briefly, so I want this blog to be a reflection of my YouTube channel. If I ever have a channel, this is exactly what it will look like and portray.

Source : Google

I always wanted to create my own space in this cluttered world of influencers. I don’t know whether I influence people or not but I surely don’t consider myself as one. However, as a reviewer in general, I do consider myself privileged enough that I get so many free products to try out but ask yourself, Are free products just enough for living a life?

NO, the answer is no. That’s the reason I have a proper job that pays me for all my personal and financial needs.

I also don’t like the fact that some of my friends make fun of me when they call me an influencer because I believe that I just bring my touch of originality to something that I say or I do and most importantly, neither have I brought any fake followers nor do I have an agency running behind me for getting things done.

Source : Google

Hence, I am not an influencer. I am just a blogger and a reviewer. 😁

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Life Update. 🎀 Blogmas Day 6.

Hey guys! Welcome back to a blog after a time that feels like forever. I’m just kidding, welcome back to Day 6. After being missing in action for over five days now, I am back again as I have been planning so much stuff these days.

Even if I was not posting on WordPress, I was doing so much of backend work for my blog. Hopefully that will work out full-fledged since January 2022. I have been taking a lot of collaborations too, which takes me back to August-September 2020. Oh God! I used to review so many products back in the day I have started that again, loving it!

I have made it a point that I would talk about things, products or places that I like openly on my platforms. Because this is a space I have created for myself and I will be the one who decides what I post on my blog. Also, I do understand that the hospitality industry is going through a tough time and so I want to give my tad bit of efforts of supporting them in a way that wouldn’t dig a hole in my pocket of course! 😅

That will also help my Google Maps profile.

Few new things about the blog –

From New Year I am planning to click my own pictures for the blogs and not use much from Pinterest. I want to become independent in this aspect of my blog as well. I am also planning on monetizing the blog, only IF I AM CONSISTENT ENOUGH. I can purchase a plan right away but I just don’t want to to do it for the heck of it, I would rather test myself and then do it.

Also, I can’t believe I’m typing this but I am learning how to edit pictures. For real!!! The reason I said “I can’t believe this” is because I have always believed in posting real pictures, not the edited ones. But I have realised that editing can enhance the pictures so much. As a beginner I am not doing so much of it, I am just adding those tad bit of touches here and there.

So the next time you see a bomb picture on my feed, know that this little girl has edited it. 😁

About the weekend –

There are so many things that happened last weekend but one thing in particular that has my heart is, we decided to surprise our friend Bhairavi as she is getting married later in December. Can’t believe her marriage is just 2 weeks away. We wanted to catch up from so long and finally we did before she goes to her new home, we know she is going to get busy after marriage. She will have her own hustle, which she is very excited for.

What a wonderful day! ❤️

That’s all for today’s blog you guys, let’s catch up super soon as I plan to post spontaneous content for Blogmas and even after that. I hope that everybody is liking these kinda blogs as compared to what I used to post earlier. I got a suggestion from my friend too, so I am considering these blogs more.

Thank you Akshay for being honest. I appreciate that.

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5 Personality Traits I Am Proud Of. 🎀 Blogmas Day 5.

Hey guys! Welcome back to Day 5 of Blogmas (12 Days of Blogmas for me).

Today’s blog is slightly different from what I generally write, this time rather than judging people I have judged myself hard enough and have come up with my personality traits that I am absolutely proud of.

No matter what anybody has to think of me but this is something that I have examined and that’s what you will read next, I hope you enjoy!


I do feel that I have the ability to be my best all the time and I believe my friends / family will agree to it too. I always have the desire to stand out of the crowd and do something different, then be it my personal life or professional. I feel I have achieved so many little little things and I am meaning to do more and more every day.

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I believe in myself no matter what. I know it sounds cheesy but that is true. I have the ability of judging not just the situation but also myself and accept it, that’s the kind of confidence that came along the years. I was not like this earlier but thank God I am confident enough to accept my mistakes now. I think my confidence is the key characteristic to my personality, sometimes I am overconfident too (awkward moment) but that is also something that I have been working on.

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Actually this is not a trait I have but hear me out on this, I have something to say about it.

I lack empathy a lot and I don’t think there is anything wrong about it. I know we all should be empathetic towards other human beings but I think everybody has their own set of problems and they have to deal with it.
Empathy will definitely make the other person feel better for the time being but they will still have to stay strong anyways, right? They will still have to fight their own battle. I am understanding though but not empathetic. I am more of a selfish person and I will rather have it this way.

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I was someone who would be afraid to experience new things in the past but I have evolved a lot since about 2-3 years and I can see the difference.
I believe this quality is often seen on my Instagram or even Blogs as I am always doing something new, meeting new people, trying out different food and what not.
I am always on the lookout for new things that gives me adrenaline rush. I was never like this before, in fact I had my first night out earlier this year. I’m 23 you guys and I have never been out with my friends at night all my life. Crazy!

Source : my gallery

If you know me or if you have ever been in a conversation with me, I am sure you will know how talkative I am. I literally over talk sometimes. I am always the person who doesn’t mind initiating a conversation and I am proud of that, of course not something that people do on Instagram “Will you frandship wid me?” “Plzz tok 2 me”. Lol!
I always have something to say on everything that I come across and I never stop, like never ever!

Source : Google

I think I was able to do justice to the traits I have and I believe you relate with this. Don’t shy away from telling me what are the personality traits you are proud of.

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Weekend In My Life. 🎀 Blogmas Day 4.

Heyyyy! Welcome back to Day 4 of Blogmas. I know today is 6th December but I am doing a 12 days series, so I took a nice 2 days longggg break and I am back again. All fresh and pumped up!

After I posted my last blog Turning My Birthday Into A Lifestyle. I finished dinner and came back home, only to realise that there was another cake waiting for me.

Thank you Amey mama! ❤️

Thoroughly enjoyed my birthday this year and I am super grateful. No number of thank you’s in the universe will be enough for the love people showered upon me.

Okay but now enough of the birthday hangover, let me tell you what I did these 2 days in my little but not so little break.

Saturday was more of a family day as my uncle and aunt came over, there was good food, gossips and little bit of arguments as well. But that’s a given when family members meet, right?

Sunday was again the same, another uncle aunt came over along with their 4 year old kid. Even though I don’t like kids that much, I truly love my cousins. I have never really said that aloud but yes, I do love my cousins. All of them, Veena, Aditya, Rujuta, Shourya and Omkar. These ones are from my mother’s side, I have a huge list of cousins that will take me at least 5 minutes to write names of.

Last night was more of a cleaning my wallet and checking my bills sort of a night. I wanted to make my credit card payment, which is due on 9th December. As always I want to make it prior to the date, just so that there is no room for extra charges. I went through all the bills and cross checked the statements, I know that I am extra sometimes but after all it’s money and it is what it is. 🤷🏻‍♀️

I sometimes feel I am in the wrong profession completely, I should have become a Chartered Accountant or something related to finance. I know it’s a lottt of study, sleepless nights, anxiety, constant efforts and lot of determination, which honestly I was not ready for when I was in college. I had different dreams and a different career planned for myself.

The job that I am currently doing is absolutely spontaneous but I am okay with it. I am anyways intellectually curious girl and I like to experiment. However, I never really thought I would be experimenting with my career altogether, lol!


And today’s morning was more of a Justin Bieber kind of a morning, I don’t know how but I landed up listening to all his old songs. I still remember the time when JB was launched and new, everybody had a crush on him. In fact, me too! The sweetness of the newly launched ‘Baby’ was all over the internet. I would listen to his ‘Baby’ all the time after coming back from hostel. But my crush on JB did not last that long.

Anyhoo, I don’t want to get into my crushes over here because my family reads my blogs. Actually I can at this age 🤷🏻‍♀️ haina?
My mother knows all of them by the way but not everybody else in the family, so let me be quite for more years.


What moment this week are you most grateful for?
Ofcourse the time when I got my hands on my new phone. That was truly a moment this week that I am most grateful for, I know it might be little for someone out there but mind you it is my hard work and not a gifted item.
Not comparing but I know a lot of girls my age do receive a lot of gifts and this isn’t gifted, so it is close to my heart.

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Turning My Birthday Into A Lifestyle. 🎀 Blogmas Day 3.

This blog needs no introduction, because IT’S MY BIRTHDAY! 👀❤️

I thought I would not celebrate it this year but I am beyond surprised. Last night before leaving my mother for me a cute cake. Actually I have been cutting so many cakes since October, I feel like my birthday is long gone.

Thank you Neeru!
Yesss, I am आगाऊ. 🤭

And and and, I woke up to the highlight of the day, let me quickly show you. 🙈

Look at me all boujee.

I have always loved swings, I remember having a huge one at my granny’s place when I was a kid. I used to wake up, sit and relax on the swing all day long. My friend Saurabh got me this and I am so freaking happy. I absolutely see myself sitting in the balcony and having tea or gossiping with my friends.

In fact, I have been thinking how I could utilize the space in my balcony since a couple of days. Thank you Saurabh! ❤️

My mother was constantly calling and video calling me, so her absence didn’t bother me much. In fact, she was irritating at times. Lol!

Later in the afternoon, Veena, Saurabh and I went to the mall to spend some time together. I any which ways wanted to take Veena out from so long. I met two of my hostel friends as well. Went to Namco and played a few games.

I got myself a new phone as well, which I am so content about. It was not an impulsive buy at all, I was eyeing on OnePlus phones since a while now but I was not sure if I wanted to spend that kind of money. But it was high time for me upgrade my phone, I especially wanted a new phone on my birthday. Upgrading my game like nobody’s business. 😉

Here’s a picture of me holding my new phone, which is a gift from me to me.


Now if anybody wants to gift me anything, get me a new phone case because at this point I am absolutely broke, lol! Also, get it in black just like my entire wardrobe.

Also, I won’t be transferring my data today itself as I am petrified by the thought of losing my notes, pictures and important what’s app messages. I know I have a solid backup but just Vaibhavi being Vaibhavi.

As I type this blog, I am actually out for dinner but prioritising Blogmas as I am excited to share with you mostly everything that happened today.

I haven’t replied to anybody yet on any platforms but A BIG FAT THANK YOU to everybody for those texts, mentions, calls etc. I am just so heartfelt. I gotta go now, still enjoying the day as it’s not 12 yet.



What are you most grateful for in your daily life?
My mother. It’s as cheesy as it can get but that’s true. Veena (my younger sister) and I go crazy if we don’t see mom first in the morning. The one question that we ask at the start of our day is mummy kuthe ahe? (where is mother?).

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Totally Out Of Nowhere. 🎀 Blogmas Day 2.

I woke up all happy today and also very very excited. At this point, everybody knows it’s my birthday tomorrow. It’s legit the most beautiful time of the year and I always make it a point to enjoy it thoroughly.

Well, this time it’s going to be slightly different as for the first time my mother won’t be there for my birthday. She is going out of town for work, which is her priority at the moment and it should be. Also, when I woke up I had to clean my room because my mother went all crazy today and the only way to make her stop yelling at me was to clean. Also, isn’t it a thing with all the mothers that they start shouting for no reason?!

My friends too have work as it’s Friday and I’m not forcing anybody to take a leave for me, that is not something that I would ever do.

I have taken a leave because I have something in mind and I did not wish to work on my birthday, rather I can’t. My heart won’t litreally allow me, lol! My team manager was kind enough to get it approved for me as it was a planned one.

Also, as I type this I realise that I haven’t even bought a dress for myself. Slow claps for Vaibhavi for completely forgetting this, wow! 👏🏻
I was planning to go to the mall close to my house and get something but it’s raining cats and dogs over here, so I don’t feel like going out at the moment. Last year, I got a mascara last moment as I was running out of mine. So basically it’s an every year thing.

By the way, I have a basic body hugging dress from Zara but my love for cheese and my all time bloated stomach won’t allow me to wear it. 🤷🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️ Let’s see I am still figuring the outfit part.

I have a plan B too but it is completely stupid, so I am just keeping it a secret. There is already a lot of pampering going on, which is almost a ritual at my house. I have started treating myself with good food and lots of ice-cream. Ice-creams just instantly lifts up my mood, comment and tell me what lifts up yours.

I think I have blabbered enough and the moral of the blog is that I am going to miss my mother a bit. I will sit back and think of other blog post ideas now, till then you can read what I did on my birthday last year – Happy Birthday To Me. 🎀 Blogmas Day 3.


Who in your life are you most grateful for?
My grandfather who is no longer with us. He has played a big role in my life – my knowledge, my smartness, my confidence, I owe everything to him. I won’t be wrong if I say that everything that I am today is 100% because of him.

I hope y’all will shower all your love and appreciation throughout Blogmas. ❤️ Keep coming back every single day to have a read. You can give me any suggestions you have on my Instagram @vxibhxvi . See you tomorrow ❤️

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Announcement For Blogmas 2021. ðŸŽ€

Hey! I am back and I mean it. If it’s the first time you are reading my blog then Hi! I am Vaibhavi, a little girl who likes to write a lot but fails on posting often. I posted my last blog on Happy Diwali and Quick Getaway To Pune, there’s nothing stopping me now.

I did make an announcement post early last year for Blogmas, so I am keeping my first ever blog post for Blogmas 2021 as an announcement post too.

This is a huge thing for me and I don’t know how I am going to complete this BUT for this particular series, I have gathered some courage because I was able to complete Blogmas 2020 on WordPress. If you haven’t checked it yet, you can click here – Blogmas 2020 and then scroll through.

In this post, I’ll share a little bit about –
1. Blogmas in general.
2. My overall experience of Blogmas 2020.
3. Why am I doing Blogmas 2021?
4. What can you expect in Blogmas 2021.
5. Is there any new segment? Like the segment in Blogmas 2020?


Many of you already know what this is all about but lemme still just walk you through what Blogmas actually is. It’s basically a countdown for Christmas where any blogger posts holiday themed or Chrismtmas themed posts until THE DAY.


It was OVERWHELMING. Last year I made an impulsive decision but I loved it. The only thing that I had to juggle between was blog and work, so I managed to do that last year.
And although I’ve made the decision to publish one blog post everyday for a month, now that I have to put my foot in the water I’m afraid of an alligator biting it off.


I was debating on doing Blogmas this year but there are so many random thoughts and feelings dumped in my brain, I had to do this. Wow! I haven’t been writing much lately but genuinely want to get back at it anyhow. I have no blogs ready and no solid plan, as every challenge that I take – this time also I have thought of starting this barely in the nick of time, so let’s hope for the best. 🤞🏻


Generally one posts holiday themed content but I’ll be posting all random blogs throughout the month as I don’t celebrate Christmas. I mean I would love to but I never did. So you can expect anything and everything that comes to my mind but if you want to read about something specific, please feel free to get in touch with me through comments or even email. I go through them all.

I am considering posting 12 blogs in December until Christmas because that is also something that people do. Actually it is the easiest way to get into Blogmas for the newbies, although I am not a newbie but I am still considering it. I have a story to share but maybe I’ll keep it for another blog.


If you have been a reader since long time, you know I added a segment last year where I would write about something that I’m grateful for at the end of the blog. I think I would love to continue that segment as of now but if I ever come up with any new segments I’ll definitely share it through the posts.

I thought of sharing songs and movie recommendations but I actually wanted to add some value to the post at the end and the recommendations can be shared in the post as well, so I just let that thought go.

With that said and as you already know –

Picture made on Canva.

I hope y’all will shower all your love and appreciation throughout Blogmas. ❤️ Keep coming back every single day to have a read. You can give me any suggestions you have on my Instagram @vxibhxvi . See you tomorrow ❤️

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A Quick Getaway To Pune. ðŸ“

Hey guys! I’m back again and how are you? I hope you doing absolutely great! ☺️

I have been meaning to write a blog post about my sudden getaway to Pune earlier last week. I am so proud of myself that I was able to go there alone, given the fact that I was lost in Pune when I was little but that’s another story – let me actually keep it for some other blog post.

So I woke up the other day (Sunday – which is my week off) and felt like I wanted a quick break. Actually I take these breaks every single month haha but I still need them very very badly.

photo credits : Pinterest

It was such an impulsive decision, I called my aunt and asked her if she was at home. Because generally she has a couple of things lined up in front of her, she likes to roam around a lot too. 😅

She was ready to host and I was any which ways useless for 2 days. I asked her what kind of clothes she wanted me to pack because if I get cold, I have no option but to shiver the whole time I’m there. I’m a skinny person, I get cold quickly as one can possibly get and there’s nobody at her place who can help me with their clothes. I packed my bag and left. That’s all.

I particularly didn’t want to catch a train because I’m little (just little) covid conscious, so I choose to take a private bus instead, which was crowded too. I don’t mind travelling by a bus as I feel it’s quite an experience and I like road trips to next level. I’m always up for a drive.

in picture : Mumbai Pune Expressway, my phone isn’t doing justice to the view trust me.

I left home around 12 / 12.30 ish and luckily got a window seat which I stuck to the entire journey. The whole travel situation was very comfy and I got to have my favourite drink from Starbucks at the Food Mall (Food Mall on Google Maps) that we stopped by.

in picture : Food Mall, Mumbai Pune Expressway.

It took us a while to reach Pune and rather then getting down at the Swargate Bus Stop, I got down at a circle, decided to be a big girl and walk home alone.

I got home and chilled for a bit, spoke to my Maushi like I always do. I also met my cousin after almost 2 years, we last met for one of my cousin’s threading ceremony (which is a sacred ceremony for some Hindu communities). I spoke to him in a much better way this time, we generally don’t get to talk that often.

The next day, I woke up pretty late according to Chitale as they were closed but for me it was quite alright as I generally wake up by afternoon when I am home. I sooo wanted to get myself some sweets but couldn’t.

in picture : Chitale Bandhus, Pune.

So we went to Tulsibaug (Tuslibaug on Google Maps) and did some window shopping as I didn’t feel like buying anything. We came home, she made some good food for me. And then in the evening, I accidentally landed up in Sarasbaug (Sarasbaug on Google Maps). I was just so annoyed by the chaos, I returned home.

in picture : Sarasbaug.

The next day I again went to Chitale Bandhus (Chitale Bandhus on Google Maps) and got myself a lot of stuff. I particularly wanted to get more Amba Barfi this time. I see it, I like it, I want it, I got it (just some Ariana Grande reference, wink).

She left me at Swargate and I took a bus again for home. I wanted to stay there a bit longer, unfortunately (but fortunately) I had work back home. But I believe December would be more fun and filled with more gateways, let’s hope for the best. 🤞🏻

Do share with me if you have had an experience of travelling alone lately. I would love to go through your comments. I had fun writing this post and I hope you enjoyed reading this too.

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Happy Diwali. 🪔✨

Happy Happy Diwali y’all. 💫✨

This sparkling festival of lights has been very different and it’s indeed one of the best Diwali I celebrated. Actually celebrated would not be the correct word because I didn’t celebrate-celebrate but I enjoyed it a lot. I got to be with my favourite people and spend time with them to the fullest.

This blog post is just for being grateful for whatever I have at the moment and manifesting for a great great great future. By this blog post, I want to put out the kind of energy that I want to attract in my life.

I mentioned that this festive season was fairly different because I honestly felt happiness in a true sense.

I didn’t send long what’s app messages to people and didn’t even reply to those that were in my inbox. But from the bottom of my heart, I have prayed for all the human beings I have in my life. It’s always a good idea to think of OUR people once in a while and what better time than Diwali to do that?!

I didn’t get myself like new clothes or jewellery this Diwali, particularly because I spent the major chunk of my salary in getting something special and extremely important that will be with me shortly (touchwood). Don’t shy away from telling me what did you get for Diwali this year.

One of my favourite activities to do this Diwali is stroll unnecessarily and check out all the lightning that everybody has put out. Every single night I am equally excited to see all the buildings around me and talk about the similarity of lights & lanterns.

And, if you think that you have seen the featured image somewhere – you are correct! It was taken earlier last year for my Amazon storefront. I had no new pictures so I added one of them. (Just one of the things that bloggers generally do 🤭)

Also, this blog post is special to me because I’m writing after 11 months now, it’s a very big gap, all thanks to my procrastination and my mental health. It went for a toss because of work but now I have found a nice balance, I hope I will be able to put up content as regularly as I used to earlier.

Last but definitely not the least,

May this Diwali bring all the happiness that you deserve. The gleam of diyas enlighten your spirit and vanquish darkness from your life. ✨

Hope you have a bright and wonderful celebration too!

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MERRY CHRISTMAS. 🎄❤️ Blogmas Day 25.


It’s THE DAY. Finally it’s the 25th and the last week of the year.

This is my last blog of the series and I am overjoyed right now. I just planned it last month with no blogs ready and now I have successfully posted 25 blogs consecutively. I actually don’t believe that the series is complete and I did not miss a single day. Wow! 😍

I wanted this blog to be short because I want you guys to enjoy. ❤️ See you soon.

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All About Me And My Blog. 🎀 Blogmas Day 24.

Hey guys! Can’t believe that I’m typing the blog for Blogmas Day 24 and it breaks my heart that I will not be able to post blogs every single day.

I started my blog in November 2018, and I came to the highlight quicker than one might expect in the first month itself. My blog is all about adding my own stories so that people find it relatable. Also, the language is pretty simple so that anybody and everybody can read and understand the message that I want to convey.
My main target audience is my friends and followers but I also have to keep in mind that I have kids that read my blog and not to forget the senior citizens (my grandmother very enthusiastically shares my blogs with her friends). So they are my audience too and hence the very simple language.

I agree with promoting what you love, rather than bashing what you hate. I read it online but I am not able to recall exactly where. However, I wanted to add this to my blog because I felt it was something that I wanted to let out.

I always wanted to share things with people and from my blog, I thought of sharing my opinion and some information with people across the world. The whole and sole reason for me to start my blog was to –


I always felt that I had a spark to inspire people and by creating content online, I feel that I can inspire people to do something good. I believe that if somebody can do something even I can do that and if I can do it anybody else can do it too. I hope I am making sense to you right now because at this point I don’t know what to say.

I personally have been inspired by quite a lot of people in my life. I completely believe in the power of positivity and that’s how I want to inspire people, by spreading positivity on the internet as well as in real life.
I never thought I would be able to bring changes in people’s life but now that I get so many messages from you guys that I do inspire you, I feel so happy.


I strongly believe in Sara Ali khan’s words that education is must and it can bring a lot of changes in society. One should always know where they come from and never forget their roots. Even if you achieve everything in life, you should always remember how you started and that’s what is going to keep you grounded. I genuinely think it’s important to be humble and grounded all the time.

If anybody comes to me asking for help I am always up for answering their questions. I honestly reply to every single DM on Instagram and if I see that any of my friends want to know something from me, I will take a moment and try to solve their problem. Apart from social media, I used to take lectures in classes. Which basically means I’m educating someone in some way or the other. I always love to share any piece of information that I have with people around me.
Also, if I am not fully aware of the volume of anything, I rather study it first and then come up with my opinion on it. My students know this very well I guess!

These 24 Days have been like a rollercoaster ride. Every day waking up to the insights and going to bed after posting a blog is amazing! You must do this for yourself to experience this feeling. I can’t express in words how happy I am when I’m typing this blog.

Sometimes when I am clueless and don’t know what to write, I will simply sit down with a cup of tea and without trying harder. I will just think about the good and bad times I went through in life and that gives me some content ideas (lol). I don’t stress much on the post nowadays, during Blogmas to be specific. I used to be someone who always put myself into a situation where I feel stressed. After following tips from bloggers who had been in my shoes I realized that it’s just a series, by the way, I don’t mean you shouldn’t take that seriously BUT don’t stress too much.
I believe that there can’t be enough blogs in the whole wide world.

Also, some of you are wholesome, genuine, loving and kind. And it FREAKING SHOWS. Never change, please. With that said, I wanted to add on-
If I had to let go one thing off of my life, it would be the ability to disrespect someone. As I’m growing old, day by day I realise that I’ve disrespected so many people in my life since I went to the hostel. For whatever reason, I didn’t feel bad about it at that point in time. But now when I look back at it, I feel a little bad.

And If I had to be forever grateful to something, it would be the power of praying. I’m not someone who is always praying and being spiritual. I’m very practical but at the same time, I believe in the energies that we’re surrounded with. The ability to have faith in God no matter what is what keeps me going.

I hope you all will like this series and you keep coming back every single day to have a read. You can give me any suggestions you have on my Instagram @vxibhxvi . See you tomorrow ❤️

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Gifts For The Holiday Season. 🎀 Blogmas Day 23.

Hey guys! Welcome back to Day 23 of the Blogmas series. Today’s blog is all about gifts. I’m going to talk about the gifts I received, gifts for the new year and what does gifting mean to me.

Gifts don’t have to do anything with the amount of money you spend but the thought behind it and the bond that you share with the other person. Money doesn’t play any role when you try to gift someone something. I have received pens from my student and handwritten letters and OH MY GOD! It is priceless.

For me, gifting gives me a feeling of appreciation, the feeling of love for the other person and how important they are to me. Because as much as I love gifting stuff to people, I just cannot randomly give someone something that they don’t deserve from me.

My cousin Aditya gifted me a Sudha Murthy book in Diwali last year, which is a thoughtful gift I must say and my favourite too.
As much as I adore this lady, I also love to read that book. It has around 18 to 20 small stories based on her life. She is an amazing woman who has achieved so much in life and yet she is so down to earth. Get a book already and start reading, it’s wonderful.
If you’re someone who doesn’t like reading physical books, you can also go for a Kindle version on Amazon.

I also want to share a few gift recommendations for the new year.
I think that giving a watch or a pair of shoes is too mainstream but if you put some thoughts out while gifting your loved ones something, it stays is in their hearts forever.
Thoughtful gifts are so much more important, loved and appreciated rather than just going to a store and getting something.


– Are a symbol of spring and spring is a symbol of change. If you want to see some changes in your loved one’s life, you can try gifting them a cherry blossom tree.
This tree is also used in the novel (I am not sure if you guys must have read it but yes it is. It is very much talking to the eye and has a lot of thought in it.

Isn’t it lovely? 😍🤭


Just how we give an idol of Ganpati Bappa when someone starts a new business or move to a new house, you can also give and idol of a Turtle which symbolises Prosperity. You can find it on Amazon. Although I don’t believe in superstitions, it is said that the turtle is supposed to be gifted and not bought.


Scented candles are amazing and change your mood completely within minutes. And so, I think that scented candles are a good gifting option.
I’ve mentioned some in 2 of my blogs, you can check them here. 5 Bath And Body Works Products I Love. 🎀 Blogmas Day 4. & Calm Yourself Down. 🎀 Blogmas Day 9.


Lotus flower is regarded in many different cultures as a symbol of purity, enlightenment, self-regeneration and rebirth.
I think that it is one of the best gifts you can give someone on the new year.


I don’t think I need to stretch this point out. Books are my personal favourite gifting option. But not just any other book, books that can help you grow. I’m going to talk about some of my personal favourites, but some other day. I so wanted to review books, haha! I have added a bunch of books to my Amazon Storefront.


Stationeries can make or break your relationship with your cousins and trust me when I say that. And even if you don’t have anybody to gift but you are still a kid at heart who the hell is stopping you to get yourself some stationery items. Go grab yourself some amazing stuff and let the child inside you come out.
Drawing and colouring can be so much therapeutic I can’t even tell. I snatch colouring books from my cousins and start colouring like a crazy person lol.


Last but certainly not least, handwritten letters have to be my favourite. I love writing letters for people who are close to me and now long what’s app messages (this is the best I can do to make up happy). I take notes and letters very seriously, VERY SERIOUSLY. My love language is not having to ask and I love when someone pours their heart out.

I hope you all will like this series and you keep coming back every single day to have a read. You can give me any suggestions you have on my Instagram @vxibhxvi . See you tomorrow ❤️

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2020 At A Glance. 🎀 Blogmas Day 22.

Beginnings are usually daunting and the endings are a bittersweet but what makes the journey worth it is the memories that we take back after 12 months. And it’s has been a memorable one for us, I believe.
In this blog post, I’ll be talking about some memories from 2020. Just 9 days for the new year, I’m so excited to recollect all the memories and share it with you guys.

2020 has been an incredible year. A lot of things happened and we all went through a lot of thick and thin. But above all, I chose to neglect all the problems and move on. Regardless of the downs, I am going to be sharing some of my favourite months of this year and add a few things that did not go well too, just so that you guys understand that not every month is a good month. BUT that doesn’t stop us.

The first picture of 2020.

The first month being January, I was very excited about the New Year. I started posting more on my blog and it was going great in the first month itself. I had my bullet journal and was very excited to use it.

In February, there were a lot of functions and family gathering that I had to attend, which made me realise how beautiful it is to spend time with family members. Dressing up is something that every girl loves and February was all about looking flawless and slaying it.

March was a little bit hectic and I was very nervous about my student’s board exams. Everything was perfect until mid-March and you know what happened next. Nobody imagined something like this could ever happen to us. We are in the lockdown since March 2020 and it’s almost the end of December 2020. Everybody is super bored at the moment and confused about everything. We all are tired of Netflix and chilling, video calls, phone calls, online games, and whatnot. Everybody has tried every possible thing to keep themselves entertained.

Humans have a full range of emotions and what better time than the lockdown to understand this. I have been examining myself throughout the lockdown and have noticed that I am very weak emotionally. During March and the start of April, I was not paying much attention to the covid-19 cases but as the increasing number of deaths every day, I started to lose my senses. Also, I saw a lot of posts on Instagram about rape cases, how the Dalits were killed, black people were killed and also the animal cruelty that was happening. This genuinely had an impact on my mental health indirectly.

It shatters my heart to see this every single day. I also end up switching off my phone quite sometimes.

I have written a blog about my Best Friends, in case you are interested please click here Friends That Turned Into Family. ❤️

Talking about June / July 2020, things started coming back to normal. At least work-wise. People were still in the lockdown and a handful of them were allowed to work. That was the time when something great happened. It was June 6th (I remember this date correctly). I became a Colorbar Affiliate.
In most of the cases, the power of visualisation has helped me achieve things in life. I always wanted to work with Colorbar. I personally love the brand and the target I kept for myself as my birthday month (that is December). I would always think of new ideas for my Colorbar stories even before getting the deal. I have always loved writing captions for Colorbar products and the brand in general. Maybe the power of visualisation works to me in this case. Not just this but most of my projects I would always think (sometimes overthink) about work and imagine me in some projects that would take a little long time.

The story I posted after getting selected.

A few days later I got verified on Amazon, which again was a huge thing for me.

This day will forever be remembered.

September was a month full of celebrations and Ganpati. But later things went down a little as my grandmother and younger sister were covid positive. My mother was pretty worried about this and the whole environment was a bit sad. October was not so great but November again brought back good moments. It was Diwali time which meant splurging on good clothing items.

Also, I’m so happy that during the lockdown I did not fall short of money. I always saved some bits of my earning and maybe the seeds that I had sown years back have now started to give me fruits and flowers. I never really thought about what I will get but I kept on following my monthly target that I had set for myself and that’s it.
Getting addicted to saving money is another kind of addiction. A good one.

We created what’s app group of our hostel friends back in July 2020 and I got connected to a couple of my friends. It’s good to know how everybody is living their own life and are happy about it. I wanted to especially mention my friend, Umesh.
Maybe it is too soon to write about him but I enjoy his company. We met after 6 / 7 years (not too sure) last month and since then our bond has taken a ginormous turn. I put my phone aside when I am with him, I mean isn’t that a thing to consider?
We don’t talk extraordinarily, rather we talk about our careers, goals and how we would want to achieve them, help each other with a few things here n’ there and also make each other feel immensely happy.

This is the kind of feeling that I don’t want to miss out on. We talk stupid random stuff about our hostel and imitate Ishaan from Taare Zameen Par, which is our favourite pastime. He shows me around and with him, I have genuinely spent some of the best days of November.

And, December for me has been a memorable month, not only because of my birthday but a lot of things happened in December which I will never forget. I got a new job, which I’ll talk about some other day. But it’s nice and I’m so grateful for that.
Before getting to work, I went nervous and would get regular stress attacks. But getting tiny stress attacks are usually healthy for you as they make you work even harder. It teaches you how to deal with pressure and get your things done within the given time.

I started Blogmas which I’m sure everybody is loving. I want to blog for becoming a source of information, offering new ideas, pieces of advice and inspiration. And I would love to know your honest opinion on what kind of content would you like to see more on this blog?

I took genuine efforts for the whole year and it paid off in December, I must say. Nevertheless, I have always noticed that efforts are everything. And I religiously follow that.

November & December was also about enjoying favourite drinks at Starbucks.

Don’t forget to tell me how was your 2020? I’d love to hear it from you guys. I appreciate that you have made this far into the blog. Thank you so much!

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10 Goals For 2021. 🎀 Blogmas Day 21.

If I had to compare 2019 with 2020 I would say that both the years have its own ups and downs. Some months were really good back in 2019 and 2020 as well. I can’t say that 2020 as a whole was bad but yes it was quite disturbing for the whole world. And this does not mean that 2020 was the worst year of my life. We went through a global pandemic together but it’s okay. We got through it.

I am a little bummed that I could not complete all the goals that I had set for myself at the start of the year. Initially, I set out a lot of goals, which by the way were achievable and realistic but did not happen. I don’t think I have to mention the reason, again and again, you know it already.

But regardless this, I have set some goals for 2021 as well. I’m looking forward to completing them. 🤞🏻 And I want to share it with you guys as well so that I’m not just setting goals but also committing it to people.

Many of you might be thinking why I didn’t plan to post this blog at the start of the Year. Well, I wanted to be sure whether I would be able to achieve these goals. Here is the list of 10 things that I would like to achieve in 2021. I feel that these things can be easily achieved but also at the same time I made sure that there are a few that are out of my comfort zone.


I am planning to branch out and read a little more books then I did in 2020. I want to read at least 15 books by the end of 2021. I know that the number is pretty small as of now but my primary focus is to get back into reading.


This simply means that you need to hold onto people who matter to you. It makes no sense in making new friends now and then. I have a couple of friends that I can count on and hold onto no matter what. There is less drama and you stay happy. And my goal is to spend more time with such people and be immensely happy.


I don’t think I have to explain this to anybody, we all do spend a lot of money and I desperately need to stop doing that. I don’t track every single penny I spend but I’m going to limit myself.


Kindness costs nothing. In 2020, I have seen people change the whole conversation if you are very kind to them. You need to be polite with people even if you don’t wish to. There are two advantages to it –
a) you make the other person feel happy and wanted,
b) you don’t spoil your mood. (Do it for yourself).


I am going to learn three new words every day to build my vocabulary. It’s me who self-examined and felt the need to build a strong vocabulary for myself. I saw a post on Instagram which help me in my self-realisation.

“Sarcastic people with high vocabularies hit differently.” And I exactly want to be that one. Haha!


So I’ve taken the concept of ‘Maja Kachra Maji Jababdari’ too seriously and load my bag with wrappers of chocolates every day. My mother gets pissed because I don’t throw it later. But I’ve been doing this for 2 years now. And I think I’ll continue to do this even this year. And dump the garbage only in the respective bin.

I just don’t want you guys to read the blog but also take action. Please take proud in making a change and let us know about the same in the comment box.


I don’t want me to fear anything. I never want to be scared of challenges, judgement and everything possible. I want to be me and that’s the only way I want to see myself, FEARLESS.


I literally want to lay on a beach and look at the stars. If you know anything about me, you should know that I’m a sucker for sunsets and stargazing. Going to the terrace of your apartment and lying on the beach is completely different. And oh yes, I want someone really special by my side. Does finding a boyfriend count as a goal? 🤭 Let me know.


I am looking forward to being a part of some blogging Facebook or WhatsApp group so that I can discuss some of the issues that I faced, and would like to know about some issues that other fellow bloggers might be facing. Also, that will keep everybody motivated and it is a Win-Win situation for all the members of the group.

If you want to spread a word about the same, please feel free to fill the comment section with your messages (I am sure it will help others too).


I want to collaborate with some dope brands out there. And I think that I want to have the whole n’ sole right on which product I want to try and not something that the brand asks me to get. Which also means they give me the freedom of selecting the product and at the same time, I get to use the product that was on my wishlist.


We generally don’t end up giving attention to our mental health as we give to our physical health. The goal for this year is also to have peace of mind. We often prioritize people over our liking and that’s when it becomes toxic.


I have grown up in a typical Indian family were going out with friends for a night out is a strict no-no. And for the longest time, even I did not like to go out with my friends that might put me in an uncomfortable situation. But this new year, I want to let me break the barrier and roam out with my friends. I have an amazing girl-gang that I would want to go on a vacation with.

I guess this is it. And if I set any other goal for myself in 2021, I will definitely let you guys know about it. Also, don’t forget to tell me about your goals for this new year. Exactly in 10 days the date, year and things shall change for good. 🤞🏻Please feel free to browse around some of my other related posts, you will see the previous blogs below.

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400 Followers, Thank You So Much. 🎀 Blogmas Day 20.

Aah, this blog is pretty random as I did not plan on having this on my list for the Blogmas series. But I am very happy to be posting this in the middle of blogmas because Life and Leisure has completed 400 followers today.

Haha! I won’t say that I have shed blood and tears for this blog and all those cliche things but I have worked hard for it. I also remember facing a lot of anxiety issues during my series in July. The fact that I could not complete the #younameit hit me so bad that I did not post anything from July to December. It took me 6 months to realise that it was okay to not complete a series.
I think I took that too seriously, let me be honest nobody gives a damn about it except me. But yeah coming to the bright side we completed 400 followers which were completely unexpected. 400 might not be a huge number for some of you out there but if you are a WordPress blogger you know how much it takes to let 10 people follow you because not everybody can follow you on WordPress.

Following on WordPress is a bit of a task because you need to sign up for it and then follow or even comment on somebody’s post. Thousands of people come and read my blog but there are only quite a few who sign up and follow.
A big thank you to everyone who took out a second and hit that follow button for me. Sending warm hugs to you. I appreciate your efforts.

For me, the numbers matter to an extent but seeing the number of views that I get makes me happy. I love seeing how many viewers I have and are reading my blog.
Also, I want to engage with the blogging community with different posts that are completely driven from my own life. I think I have learnt a lot from my fellow bloggers and when I sit and read what other bloggers have to give to this community, I feel pretty small. Small in terms of my knowledge, vocabulary and the ability to blog (sometimes) as well. There are so many bloggers out there who are very kind and their actions speak for themselves. I have seen people reciprocate in the same way. WordPress is not like Instagram where you just follow and get ignored but rather people actually take out a moment and follow you back. That’s how beautiful this platform is.


Last but definitely not the least, I will always ensure that all my friends/followers always enjoy going through my posts. I will always keep in mind to not post anything that offends anybody.

See let’s get it straight that I can’t always please people but also I won’t ever hurt/disrespect anybody.

I respect each and everyone of you and trust me when I say it because I mean it. And Mayank knows how much every follower is important and worth to me. We always keep a check on everybody and try to connect with as much as people possible.

All the content is original and mine. (Vaibhavi Mirkute) The picture credits for featured image is mine (Vaibhavi Mirkute). Also, do share this post and show your love. Much love 🙂

Start Your Blog Right Away. 🎀 Blogmas Day 19.

Hey guys! This blog post is the one for you if you’re thinking to start a blog of your own. If not you, please don’t hesitate to share it with people who don’t know where to start from. Also, from Blogmas started, people actually texted me asking what to do.

When I started I had no clue what to do and nobody helped me actually. I had no friends who used to blog back then. I started my blog three years back just because I used to read a lot and I felt even I had the capability to write. That’s how I actually started without any clue what has to be done. I signed up on wordpress and it was great. I actually just wanted to try out the field of blogging with no intention to start this as a career.
But for those of you who are thinking to start blog as a career, please go through these things quickly as it shall help you in the future.

I used to be so happy seeing the response, which would motivate me to write even more. But due to some reasons I deleted my blog and had no intentions of starting a blog again.
I was completely convinced that I can’t write and someone actually made me think/believe that I wasn’t good enough for blogging.
Maybe that was one of the biggest mistakes I made in my life.

Before 2 years I met a guy and he completely changed my thoughts about myself. He made me believe that I was good at what I do and so many other things and I should start writing again. It was just him who motivated me to write and post it online. After he insisted, I started my blog again which you are reading now. I am really happy that I started. By the way, there is no appropriate time to start doing anything in your life. You can basically start anytime you want. You just have to start and give your best in whatever field you opt for.


Whoever thinks that blogging is easy, bro!!! IT’S NOT. It’s definitely not one of those easy jobs when you can just get through it after posting a blog. It is not something like Instagram (wait a minute, I also don’t mean that posting on Instagram is easy) but it’s not the same as writing captions.

Blog post are comparatively bigger than usual Instagram captions and it has a lot to be done. When you have a blog, you just don’t write anything and upload but you have to to edit, find / click appropriate pictures, find grammatical / spelling errors, preview it (so that the readers find it aesthetically pleasing) and last but not the least upload.

When you are a blogger, you are your own writer, editor, proofreader, previewer, reader, etc. You can have friends who help you with your website but nobody would want to share their blog ideas with you. Fortunately for me I have Siddesh to help me with everything that I need with my blog. I mean we all have a friend like him but he is different because of the fact that he has his own website to look after but still doesn’t hesitate to give me blog ideas. Rare are those people who you wish good for people.


WordPress is a flexible platform to work with if you want to create a blog of your own. Anything and everything can be done and learnt on WordPress ASAP. There are a few basic steps that I used to create my WordPress account and you can do too.

Just simply go to
sign up using a Google account (I am sure that you must be having that).
You will need a little bit of time to ensure that our site is looking aesthetically pleasing and just how you want it. When you just have to set up your theme and some basic WordPress settings.

Also, download the WordPress app on your mobile phone so that it becomes easy for you to write, schedule and post blogs whenever you want.

You can start with nothing and have everything at the end of the day with WordPress, is what I feel. Learning WordPress is easy, I mean if I can learn it – you can too. It’s not that big of a deal, trust me on that. You will have to mismatch some themes and see what works best for you. You can customize each and everything and by that I mean EVERYTHING. You can use your preferred colours.


I am a girly girl and I love more pastel colours but this time I have kept it dark blue sort of, because blue is a colour mostly liked by everybody. Different shades of blue can be a wonderful sight.
I have completely given my blog a makeover before #blogams because I wanted my blog to look a little bit different from what it was earlier. You can do this whenever and however you want to because it’s your blog and it is the exact representation of how you are as a person.

I guess I have said enough, it’s time for you to start your blog right away or share it with your friends for help.

All the content is original and mine. (Vaibhavi Mirkute) The picture credits for featured image is mine (Vaibhavi Mirkute). Also, do share this post and show your love. Much love 🙂